Tuesday, February 13, 2007

This post will only make sense to two people; I apologize if you're not one of them.


This is a post about what I would get you lovely ladies if I had a million dollars. In other words, this is a post about cool fantasy presents that will make the presents I actually got you seem really crappy.

My dearest Khathy, for you, I would use $999,860 to bribe J. Crew into restocking the Piazza jacket, then I would use the rest to buy it for you:

God I could stare at that picture all day.

And actually, since I was sick and had to miss your party, I would embezzle $348.95 back from J. Crew and use it to buy you these Moschino flats, because they are so you and would go perfectly with your new Piazza jacket:

And Rachel, my Beef, I wouldn't just buy you this awesome ring:

I would buy you the artist who made this ring to work as your personal jewelry slave for as long as a million dollars buys a personal jewelry slave (what is the going rate these days, anyway?) so your every whim could be turned into a little ring painting.

And this skirt too, because who knows, maybe a personal jewelry slave would just be kind of creepy:

Love you both times infinity!

jacket: J. Crew
flats: Moschino, zappos.com
ring: Ananda Khalsa, guild.com
skirt: anthropologie.com


Isabel said...

Love the yellow jacket.

Tito said...

Why, J.Crew, won't you resplenish the Piazza jacket? Why?
And yeah, those Moschino flats would definitely revive my flats obsession.

Thanks for the birthday shoutout, bitch!

beef said...

Yay! a jewelry slave! I love that ring, and I love that artist, my boss and I ogle her stuff at work, she's so cool. And a skirt from anthropologie! now all I need is everything else from anthropologie, and I will be complete. Come visit me Friday!

Moi said...

They would make such great birthday presents if one had a million dollars!

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