Wednesday, February 07, 2007

J. Crew Price Pain, Limerick Style

There once was a cute little jacket.
It pained me so greatly to lack it
But then I saw the cost
And all hope was lost
So as not to swear I said, "fack it."

Navy Cashmere Charlie Jacket, $595 (seriously), J. Crew
Really, when will the insanity end?


Kiwilounge said...

My Gosh
How I feel your pain.
Walked in to FCUK the other week only to run straight back out again clutching my purse to my bosom weeping.

le sigh

the lipstick lady said...

oh dear, FIVE HUNDERED AND NINETYFIVE DOLLARS. You could buy 2 and a half pairs of marc jacobs shoes for that amount of money.

ambika said...

I saw this jacket the other day and just kept clicking when I saw the price. To justify that price, it should be made only from the wool from the backs of the knees of kid goats in Tasmania.

Anna said...

That's one scary price... stupid J. Crew for having netaporter-like prices (well... that's kind of pushing it).

shrinkykitten said...

Dare I tell you I have an almost identical jacket from H&M? Cost far less than 1/5th of the jcrew one.

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