Friday, February 09, 2007

Runway Perfect

I'm sure you've noticed that I don't do much runway coverage, and I explained my reason here a long, long time ago when only my mom was reading my blog. Sure, Martin picks up some shiny slack, but I prefer making cracks about scary furs at Saks Fifth Avenue to saying, "Is that a clear outline of all the model's internal organs through her skin or is she just happy to see me?" like a thousand times.

But exceptions must me made sometimes, my friends (like, if Vogue offered me $4 a word to write about runway collections, a massive exception would be made) and one case where an exception is definitely necessary is Jill Stuart's Fall 2007 line--holy hell I'm completely in love.

This is the collection I would put out if I weren't the type of person to declare my dreams of becoming a fashion designer, make a bunch of pretty sketches, get violently bored as soon as it's time for the real work, hide the drawings under the desk so as not to remind myself of my failures, then go eat cookies and watch Seinfeld and try to forget the whole thing. Damn it, I just reminded myself. Anyway, the clothes are totally mod, totally black, and totally cobalt blue, which are pretty much my three favorite things (wouldn't Vogue be crazy not to hire me when I write sentences like that?). There's also a major focus on cute little dresses, which are my fourth favorite thing.

I'm working so hard not to write that internal organ line right now, but isn't the dress fantastic?

I have no idea how you'd wear this dress in real life unless your boobs were positioned like a deer's eyes. Despite the anatomical issues, I'm still a huge fan.

So, sometimes my college classes will dissolve into haughty and cliche postmodern discussions about materialism, and sometimes I'll throw in a comment or two disparaging the media's attempt to make us capitalist consumer drones or something like that blah blah blah. In other news: if the situation arose, I might kill a man for this coat:

It glows with cobalt beauty! (again, Vogue, are you reading this?)

I am so in love with this collection that Jill even has me convinced this double-breasted diaper thing is like the coolest thing ever:

Admit it. It looks pretty cozy. I'll wear one if you do. You in?


priya said...

I think I'm too short to pull off a diaper. Dammit.

addiction said...

you're hilarious!! loved the collection, totally a cobalt blue girl too.

QM said...

I LOVE that black top! Good spot Lady W.

Flashy_Shades said...

double-breasted diaper! ha! it does look pretty chic, come to think of it...

Candid Cool said...

i love those 2nd pair of boots. the first dress looks like a cobalt blue version of chanel. but i love that blue color.

Bella said...

I love the cobalt color its so pretty!

maya said...

its all so gorgeous, i love mod, cobalt blue and black too.
love it (and I love seinfeld too)

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