Monday, October 02, 2006

A lot of collarbone but no payoff

So, I know that every other fashion blogger in the world is posting photos of and commentary about the various fashion weeks occurring around the world like so many earthquakes triggered by the US's acceptance of gays into the military (radical Christian groups have the best logic, don't they?). But as my dedicated fans know, Daddy Likey has remained fashion-week-photo free. I just can't handle looking at picture after picture of identical, emaciated, prominent-collarboned models sulking about being paid to walk back and forth in gorgeous foreign countries. When I do look at more than a few of these photos, I start to feel like I'm doing one of those Magic Eye books that were really popular when I was in junior high, where you have to stare at a page of blurry colors and focus and unfocus your eyes and maybe take a hit of acid and then, if you're lucky, after about five minutes of angst and pain a happy family of 3-D dinosaurs appears and it's so cool but then in the excitement you focus your eyes and they're gone. However, in the case of fashion week photos, when the models and the clothes all start to blur together and my eyes unfocus and I get really bored, nothing happens. There is no happy family of 3-D dinosaurs, no glorious moment that makes it all worth it.

I think I might go buy a Magic Eye book now.


Karina said...


Karina said...

heya - i've linked you up - luv your blog!!

Style Editor said...

I think that's exactly it though -- did you read the New York Times article on designers just wanting blank slates? Kinda scary. Love your blog.

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