Saturday, October 21, 2006

Esprit: My second grade Chanel

When I was in second grade, the coolest girl in school always wore the cutest coordinated Esprit outfits. Whether leggings and an oversized sweater or a little jumper with patterned tights (I just described current fashion trends and small town elementary school style circa 1990 with one fell sentence--who knew that would ever happen?), she always looked adorable, she always had a boy who loved her, and she always wore Esprit. I yearned to be her and I knew that if I could only get my hands on an Esprit ensemble, all my problems in life would be solved.

I can't remember if I was too chubby (I was a bit of a spherical child), or if my mom didn't take my pleading seriously (I really need to figure this one out so I can direct my resentment accurately), but either way, I never got a coordinated Esprit outfit. My obsession with the label faded as I grew older, but it never left me.

So imagine my surprise recently when I saw Esprit on the racks at Nordstrom, when I read on that "What was once primarily a junior brand has grown into a fashionable lifestyle company for women of all ages," when I look at their website and see that, my god, Esprit is not just big sweaters and jumpers anymore. Not only can I still mend the wounds of childhood and get my long-awaited Esprit fix, but I can even do it stylishly, and on the (relatively) cheap!

I'm such a sucker for big furry puffy comfy coats in the winter. I like a seamless transition from bed comforter to coat (ideally with something underneath, but on bad mornings you never know), and I think this corduroy number would do quite nicely.

This sweater comes in a bunch of different colors and do you see the little pockets on the front?? I would wear this with everything. Yes, in times of desperate shopping justification, I've been known to utter that same phrase about items like hot pink driving moccasins, but in this case I'm actually serious.

Usually I'm so not a wedge fan, but these babies have stolen my heart. The color is fantastic and I love the details.

And can I just point out the final fashion world irony that today Esprit doesn't even sell leggings, but Chanel does?


missc said...

You could totally wear pink driving moccasins with everything.

samida said...

I had a denim pinstripe denim skirt jumper and you just made me miss it like crazy! Plus, Espirit has the best stuff in their sale section.

Alice said...

I would almost prefer to find out that esprit was still making oversized sweaters and leggings. I love ugly old-fashioned stuff like that.

rachel said...

was it Genny?

ambika said...

The Esprit totes everyone carried during middle school were the bane of my existence; I ended up with one that said 'Cherokee' instead (a ghetto brand even then) and always turned it around so the emblazoned pocket faced my body instead of shaming me to the world.

Those shoes? Are exactly like a pair I wanted from Kenzie. I will be checking out their site if only to price check. I die for a t-strap these days instead of a logo tote.

Anonymous said...

i completely relate to the elementary-school esprit-obsession. my lack of esprit-ness was due to my mother not taking my pleading seriously. although finally around 6th grade, just as i was transitioning OUT of my esprit-obsession, she got the hint, and brought me home a coordinating esprit pant and jean jacket. in powder pink. (it was on the clearance rack.) i am so grateful that i get to make my own clothing decisions now.

one comment on your site - all of the text is always one big link for me - underlined and orange. i don't know if it's because of my browser (i'm on a mac using safari) but it doesn't happen for me on other blogspot blogs... just thought i'd let you know.

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