Monday, October 02, 2006

I've been fasting but now I'm hungry...

I haven't shopped at Forever 21 in a long, long time. This is because six or seven years ago I read an article in Glamour magazine about how Forever 21 uses child labor in secret toxic factories in L.A. and also because (this is going to sound so selfish when placed in the same sentence as child labor that I should probably give it its own sentence along with a few examples of why I actually do have a good and unselfish heart but oh well) when I did shop there, only like three things in the store ever fit me and when I finally found something that did, I was an XXL. Let me tell you, if child labor doesn't sway your shopping decisions, having two X's in your normally one-letter size will definitely do the trick.
Anyway, I haven't shopped there or really thought about it since my early days of high school, but then Khathy emailed me a picture of a dress she just bought there:

Supercute, right? Or as Khathy put it, sophistafunk. By the way, she swears it's navy and beige in real life, no matter how black and white it looks here.

This dress jolted me out of my long Forever 21 shopping coma. After perusing the website instead of doing my homework, I'm kinda loving it. It reminds me way more of an H&M type store now, with tons of cute trendy cheap things and closer-to-normal sizing (actually I have no way of knowing that; is my wishful thinking correct here?). Anyway, I'm really hoping they've dropped that whole child labor habit, because these clothes are adorable. If I were to end my Forever 21 fast today, I would start with these:

Everything around $20,

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Kasmira said...

I hope you've gone back to Forever 21. Although the sizing still sucks, it is super cheap and trendy!

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