Sunday, October 22, 2006

Vested Interest

I am obsessed with this vest by Geren Ford. Obsessed.

I chortle with glee at the thought of all the different ways I could wear it, all the different tops I could layer under it, all the different bottoms it would funkify. Think of a bright colored tee underneath with slim jeans or pants! Think of it over a collared white button-up shirt and a pencil skirt! Think of long chain necklaces cascading down over the adorable button front! Think of the shoe possibilities! Oh gosh, especially these shoe possibilities, the ones I've been coveting since way back when:

It actually might be a good thing that I don't own these items. I love them both so much that I'd probably put on the vest and the shoes and forget about the important things in life. Like pants.

Vest: 250 freakin' dollars,

Shoes: oh sweet jesus they're on sale for $49.99,


Karinaxoxo said...

I love Geren Ford!!!!!!!!
Cute shoes!

zeto said...

nice blog.

i'll be checking this dailly.

Isabel said...

Wow, those are Naturalizer? Wicked!

Sarah said...

naturalizer? wow. the vest is really nice.

RachelP said...

Dude, I saw this same vest on girlshop and was immediately in love. I was going to send you the link, but I assumed you were on top of it. I just bought two really cute wraps from there that I'll send you the links to.

Sam said...

Oh God, I am so in love with those shoes. Darn you for tempting me with inexpensive, delicious red heels that amazingly enough happen to be Naturalizers.

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