Wednesday, September 27, 2006

And I shall call it NeoNaturalizer

It used to be that whenever someone uttered the word "Naturalizer" around me I'd be overcome with horrific visions of, well, these:

The sensibly low heel and tapered toe...the elastic inset for added comfort...They're unapologetically orthopedic. I'm sure I wasn't alone in my anti-Naturalizer sentiment; these shoes made a lot of us embarrassed of our mothers.

But recently something strange has been brewing over at the Naturalizer laboratory (formerly known as The Center for Function Over Fashion At All Costs), something called chic. I know what you're thinking: "Naturalizer? Chic? Surely you jest!" I'm serious. It's true. Yes, for some reason the shoes above are still lurking on the Naturalizer website, but they are on sale, which is usually a good sign of looming extinction--I think dinosaurs went on sale a few years back. Anyway, I'll let these pretty pictures prove my point:

I deem this transformed company NeoNaturalizer. And the greatest thing about these lovelies: they may be cute now, but they're still Naturalizer, which means they're comfy as hell. My friend Rachel was the first person in the world to discover NeoNaturalizer, when she bought the cutest pair of purple eyelet wedges (when she told me the brand I thought she'd forgotten how to read, the poor dear). I tried those babies on and it was like walking on the most stylish of air.
It was then, standing in my best friend's two-sizes too big for me shoes and realizing that she was actually not illiterate, that I became a NeoNaturalizer believer.


Lulu Fruitloops said...

shocking. i cannot believe those are naturalizer. just cannot.

millie said...

and don't forget the neo-danskos! i have two pairs: red strappy wedges and purple suede heels. i bought them for europe, where you walk for ten hours on cobblestone streets and you have to be chic too. lesbian mom shoes they are not!

Anonymous said...

Check out!!! Hot In styles that are comfortable! what's this world coming to? We can look chic and be comfortable?!? what will they think of next??

Anonymous said...


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