Wednesday, September 06, 2006

DaddyLikey is a blog about fashion, shopping, trends, clothes, and sometimes hair and makeup (although I don't find those last two nearly as interesting). It's a way for me to justify the massive amounts of time I spend looking at, thinking about, and spending too much money on clothes.


I hate guinea pigs said...

clothing beyond the absolutely functional is a critical observation on the milieu in which it arises. Taste (as opposed to fashion), collective and individual, is an identity function of personality that reflects the variabilities of the the person's ego. It is influenced by subtle ativistic manifestations as well as the most crass and exploitive expression the human race is capable of. It has always been, at once, a cynical and creative process nearly impossible to unravel for understanding, w/o destoying the message it carries as well as the fabric.

fauxyou said...

Say that again?!?

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