Saturday, September 09, 2006

I got stripes

I have a problem with stripes. Not a problem as in I don't like them. A problem as in I probably need to go to some sort of stripes-addiction rehab program where they'll burn all my recently amassed striped clothes and hold "Let's talk about Solids" forums and whip me and show me the welts and scream "DO YOU LIKE THOSE STRIPES??" until they break me.

But until then, my love of stripes will live on. I'm obsessed. My favorite are horizontal stripes, preferably nautical. This was my first striped purchase--my gateway drug:

What's that you say? Nautical is on its way out? I'll have you know that I proudly wear this shirt with my giant gold anchor necklace, and I plan to continue doing so until nautical is not only completely out, but sixty years from now when not just the trend, but even the very basis of the trend, boats, are completely obsolete because we'll all be equipped with personal flying machines. So take that.

Anyway, after that initial purchase, I found a red and white striped long sleeve tee at goodwill with an anchor stitched in (my dream, basically), another blue and white striped tank that looks almost exactly like the one above, a black and white striped tunic tank from goodwill that doesn't fit me at all but I bought it anyway because it was striped, and I am still yearning for the following beauties:

This one is from J. Crew, as was the first one. They are enablers.

Yes, I know that I'm not 12. But you see what my addiction does to me? My judgement is clouded! And it's on sale for only $22 at't I mature it up somehow?

Larok, This model kind of looks like she's also high on stripes, but god knows I understand. That's totally how I look whenever I wear 'em.

Like I said, I have a problem with stripes.

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thetiniestspark said...

at a quick glance from my bed, where i am typing, to my closet, i can count eight boldly striped items, mainly dresses, and that's not including the tops in my dresser.

don't even get me started on polka dots. my new red-dotted-with-white belt is peeking out from the closet. oooh. love.

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