Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What words lurk deep within this crack?

When my bestest friend Rachel told me that she found some $150 Versace panties, I thought at first that she meant she had come across a brand new pair lying in the street (I'm tired today, okay?), which would have been the greatest discovery in the history of mankind, but when she elaborated, and sent me a picture, it became clear that these spendy little undies were no great discovery at all.

I personally think they look like a hot pink menstrual accident, and Rachel pointed out that there are more words below Versace, but it's impossible to read far enough into the girl's crack to decipher them. Overall, definitely not that cute, which is why the $150 pricetag is especially troubling.

For me to spend $150 on a pair of underwear, they would have to meet the following criteria:
a) be waaaay cuter than those.
b) include a bag of cash totaling $135.


Adrian said...

Two Words: Victoria Beckham.
Great blog, btw....

fauxyou said...

So, my all time fave pair of panties, Ben purchased at a Peaches show. They are american apparel boy cuts with the inscription, "Father Fucker" on the booty. I felt a bit guilty wearing somthing so naughty on my arse, but they fit so good. Thank god, my dad's a trannie, so the perverse words kinda cancel each other out.

Lady, I miss you and Nick.

Fashion Kitty said...

LOL!!!! I am cracking up.

Reese said...

Lol. I agree. One fiddy's a bit much.

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