Saturday, September 16, 2006

Alas, how I yearn for Joya

Last year my friend Khathy and I took Italian together and there was this girl named Joya in our class, and one time she made the huge mistake of telling us that she worked at BCBG and got a 75% employee discount. As soon as we heard this, we made it our goal to befriend her and reap the benefits of her tres chic employment. We would talk on the phone every night before class and strategize--decide who would sit next to her and what we would say to make ourselves seem cool. This was a bit difficult because Joya was one of those tall, shiny haired girls who looks perfectly at home in the Savvy department of Nordstrom, while Khathy and I are two scheming petites who tend to spill things on ourselves (although now that I think about it, we do have great hair) . Once, Khathy was sitting next to Joya eating a Noah's bagel and cream cheese, and Joya said "I love Noah's bagels." This was the closest we ever came to our dream.

Looking at the BCBG Fall 2006 collection, alas, how I yearn for Joya.

No more. The pain's too great.


Sunniva said...

Awww, what a shame!! So close, but yet so far away ;D
I understand your pain, the clothes are out of this world!

I am really glad I discovered your's so fab!

Sunniva xxx

Fashion Kitty said...

Love the boots on the first outfit.

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