Thursday, September 14, 2006

The belt tolls, it tolls for thee.

Belts. How can you not love them? They keep your pants up, spice up outfits, provide a convenient and accessible piece of leather to bite if you ever find yourself being tortured; overall, definitely one of the best and most useful accessories.

Here are some lovely belts of every breed:

Ah, the sash. This one looks like prim polka dots from far away, but close up you see that it's really covered with metal studs. How delightfully badass., on sale for $39.95.

I'm always a little scared of skinny belts because I'm afraid they make my belly look huge by comparison, like the belt is a miniature Tokyo movie set and I'm stomping around in a Godzilla suit. This one is so cute that it makes me reconsider. I would wear it over a black cardigan with a slim skirt. So chic. again.

This one looks kind of boring, but only because it's a white belt on a white mannequin. This is like being naked and wearing a flesh-tone belt. Wouldn't that be silly? And dude, it's Michael by Michael Kors on sale for $30 on bluefly.

These are on for $6.50 a piece! I'll buy anything if it's under $10. Even rotten meat. But these are much cuter.

The one at the top is Ralph Lauren, on sale for $99 at

This post inspired by Devin.


Alice said...

I can't find even ONE of my belts since the move. We're eating out of our bathtub, so fashion has regrettably slid down the slippery slope of Maslow's Hierarchy while I spend my days wearing paint pants and ancient tee shirts.


I like the sash one, btw...

daddylikeyblog said...

You know, Maslow really should have amended the base of his heirarchy to include food, shelter, sleep, and cute belts. You must unearth one of those cute belts and then, and only then, will you be able to achieve the Maslow ultimate--the need for house remodeling actualization.

le fashion said...

I love this green belt!:)

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