Thursday, September 28, 2006

That is so Lucky-y.

I love Lucky magazine. Even though John Stewart called it "a magazine for retards about shopping" in his book. Even though my dad has to point out the absurdity of a magazine about shopping being full of advertisements whenever he sees it. Even though far too often the "normal women" they profile talk about $1000 dresses with words like "essential" and "affordable." Still, my love remains strong and true. When I find that thick and glossy tome in my mailbox, I immediately drop anything I was doing and everything I was planning to do for the day and find somewhere cozy and read it front to back several times, because it is beautiful and it makes me feel like I deserve not to do my homework or talk to anyone or move for as long as it is in my hands.

That being said, there is something about Lucky that I do not Love. There is something that, in fact, I despise, something that threatens the very basis of my deep love of this magazine, and that is Lucky's addiction to adjectivifying nouns (please don't point out the hypocrisy of my verbification of "adjective" right now, I'm not in the mood) through the use of what I like to call the "dash Y." This:

About a purse: "This design-y option has a quiet toughness to it."

About a dress: "For a feminine effect, nip it with a corset-y belt."

About a chandelier: "There's something pirate-y and old-world about this."

Get the point?

The reason this pains me so much is that I know the women writing these things are smart, chic women who somehow fall into the dash Y trap. Finding fresh ways to describe clothes all day is tiring and difficult to be sure (after a long day at the office preparing for the "1001 Shoes You'll Love!" issue, I'm sure I'd find myself writing "these pumps are"), but come on, ladies, this is below you! If you're going to adjectivify a noun, just do it, own it; don't backpedal with the dash. Or better yet, use a real adjective! There are plenty of lonely ones out there just waiting to describe that new Burberry tote. Together, we can make Lucky more vocabulary-y in no time!


Meredith said...

AHH!!! I completely agree!!! It's the main reason why I really don't read it that much any more. Right now, I'm really into ELLEgirl (yeah...whatev.) and Bazaar. ♥

Jordan said...

Great post! The world needs more vocab-snobs such as yourself =o)

Kimmie said...

Congrats on winning the bag! I so wanted to but I love your site!

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