Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Birthday Fashion Crisis! Sound the alarm!

A certain soon-to-be-twenty-one-year-old wrote me the following frantic fashion message:

"Winnie! SOS! I need a super hot/cute/chic outfit for my 21st birthday party, and I have no idea where to even start."

Alright. So in my world, there are two clear ways to go here. Either some dark wash jeans with an awesome top and fierce accessories, or a chic little "It's my birthday, bitches" dress.

Cute top options:

So cute with jeans and some black patent leather flats or heels.
$38, also in black. nordstrom.com.
Why, look at that! These heels are just what I was picturing! And they're cheap. $32, delias.com

I know that some of you are thinking that these two are too boring for a 21st birthday party, but hear me out here, people. These are both classic cuts in gorgeous colors, so there's no chance that your birthday party pictures will cause you to one day be known to your children as "Lame-O Slave to 2006 Fashions." That's always a good thing. Add some gorgeous silver or gold necklaces and/or earrings, a cocktail ring and some metallic shoes (or even leopard print if you're feeling that trend), and you have a super hot yet classic birthday ensemble.
Left, BCBGirls, $42!; right, Rebecca Beeson, $33. Both Bluefly.com

Gasp! Picture these shoes with jeans and one of those Bluefly tops. They're only fiddy bucks, and they were originally $180. Jesus loves us. Bluefly again.

And now for some badass birthday girl dresses:

On sale at Nordstrom for less than $30! And you could wear it for many occasions post-birthday.

Comfy and cute. $184, Revolveclothing.com

Gah! Love it! $42.50, delias.com

A printed dress will assure that nobody forgets you're the birthday girl and should be treated accordingly, damnit.
Left, T-Bags; Right, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Both really expensive and from shopbop.com

Godspeed and happy birthday!

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RachelP said...

Yaaay! Winona, I love you. I was thinking along the lines of dark jeans with a cute top similar to that blue one from BCBGirls and heels as well. This is why we will have nothing but wedded bliss in Vermont.

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