Saturday, September 23, 2006

Carpe the Clutch....or at least, try.

There's something about a clutch so big that it takes two hands and a manservant to actually clutch properly.

Maybe it's irony. Whatever it is, I love it.


Bilbo Faggins said...

this is all very interesting but i would really like to know where obese people buy their clothes. maybe you could write a blog about that.

RachelP said...

I love this clutch too! I'm an even bigger fan of the Isabel bag though. Alas, the price.

fauxyou said...

Just ask Jen; she's obese.

Reese said...

Those two colours work together.

Alice said...

I like how the clutch matches the background color of your blog. Yay!

I am in Chicago, Town of Incredible Shopping, without enough spare cash to buy even a new pair of shoes. My soul is raw and aching.

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