Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mod, Mischa, and Me

If you haven't noticed (like maybe you're blind and can't afford one of those computers that reads out loud for you), I absolutely love mod clothes. I swear I'm not just being taken in by the trend; I was born completely obsessed with the 60's and 70's. When I was in fifth grade I bought a tie-dyed poster of a VW Bug for 99 cents at the school book fair and decorated my whole room around it, and that poster is still hanging strong.

This current trend is good for me because there are endless retro options to choose from, but also kinda crappy because now I'm stuck looking like I'm copying Misha Barton, when in fact, she totally copied me (I may be like a foot shorter, but I'm also a year older and I seriously doubt she has a tie-dyed VW Bug poster from the mid-nineties to prove her unwavering loyalty to everything mod).

I'd rather not focus on the negative here though (that would be very un-60's of me), and instead look at pretty mod dresses.

All dresses from Tufi Duek,

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Saxy said...

I had that same poster!

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