Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Instant Eye Lift

Headbands are possibly my favorite fall trend. Ever since second grade when my mom bought me coordinating headband and leggings sets, I've been in love (and jesus, who knew my mom's fashion choices would be two of the hottest trends of 2006? She was really ahead of the game there). I thought I'd be really clever and stock up on elasticized head wraps at Claire's, because they're just as cute as the ones at Nordstrom and they were on sale for 2 for $4.

Unfortunately, when I put on my lovely polka dot purchase, I didn't feel so clever anymore.
You know that scene in Mrs. Doubtfire when Robin Williams is first getting done up as a woman and his gay brother attaches those strings to the sides of his eyes and pulls them really tight and says, "Instant eye lift!"? Yeah, that's pretty much what happened when I put on my cool new headband. It contorted my whole face and hurt like a bitch.

I guess most of the 7th graders that shop at Claire's have smaller heads than I do. Curse them!

These headbands cost way more than 2 for $4, but they're supercute and are made for grown-up heads. They're by Cara Accessories and you can find them at

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