Sunday, September 10, 2006

Amo i miei accessori sfarzosi

I've never been a fan of subtlety, especially when it comes to accessories. I like to blame my Italian heritage for this. There's nothing subtle about Italian culture--super flavorful food, loud voices, big hair, crazy fashion--I love it. And like a good stereotype, I like my accessories huge, colorful, sparkly, gaudy, or any combination thereof. My proudest possession is a watch so big that every time I wear it to school my professors end up stopping class and exclaiming, "Good God!"

I'm sure top genetic scientists would argue with my theory, but I really believe it's my DNA that attracts me to things like these:

From top: flats from, bag and shoes from, earrings from

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Alice said...

Look, despite the profile pic, I actually do love fashion - I'm just chronically in the middle of house renovations, so I tend to have no occasion to wear all that wonderful stuff I buy in moments of weakness, when I should be buying paintable window caulk and PVA primer.

...but I MUST HAVE THOSE TARTAN SHOES!~ I love them! Ooo!

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