Sunday, October 08, 2006

My Achilles Wedge

When I first saw a picture of these shoes nestled in one of those Saks Fifth Avenue multiple page ads that shows a group of models walking around in really expensive clothes pretending to be friends and doing ironically normal things like getting coffee, I thought they looked a tad...orthopedic. In fact, I was stunned that MARC by Marc Jacobs would ever make a shoe that so closely resembled the black nurse sneakers my dad once bought that made me (and my mom) consider running away.

After studying them for a while, however, my opinion has changed and I am completely infatuated. This is dangerous territory for me, people. Once I was at Nordstrom Rack with my mom and I found these ATROCIOUS Franco Sarto red leather square-toed loafers that looked like something a slimy guy named Morty would wear to a strip club in Florida, and I thought they were so hilarious that I walked them over to show my mom and have a good laugh, but by the time I reached the other side of the store I'd looked at them too long and decided that I actually loved them and I ended up buying them. How am I to know that my love for these Marc Jacobs wedges isn't due to this same weakness, my fashion Achilles heel, the reason that I have the red Morty loafers sitting in my closet?

I think I totally love them, though! They look like they would be really comfortable while still giving you some height, and they would go with everything and be really cute with tights and you could dress them up or down. So they're cute, right? Right?? Help me.

Really expensive as usual (curse you Marc! Just kidding. Still friends, right?),


missc said...

Just this spring I was all against orthopaedic shoes. Cue retching, I have seen a pair of granny shoes!
Somehow along the way... I've gotten to love them. Especially chunky t-strap styles.

millie said...

these shoes are cute in either a nine west or aerosole sort of way. they are not marc. they have potential. but they are not marc.

jessi said...

Yeah, it is interesting because the sole is a bit orthopedic, but the rest of the shoe is stylish; I think that is why it works, that is, why it doesn't look as if a nurse could wear it to work.

Ivy Frozen said...

They're really just plain, not ugly or really anything else. How they will appear depends on the rest of your outfit. I'd rock these with some fun argyle print tights and a minidress or jumper/pinafore over a long sleeved top. A fun outfit and the shoes will work.

Isabel said...

The mere mention of "Morty" made me crack up!

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