Monday, October 23, 2006

Cheese Dip and Badass Running Shoes

I went to the beach today and snuck into this incredibly extravagant golfcourse locker room (can you believe the door was unlocked and completely susceptible to riff raff like me?) afterward to change out of my swimsuit, and they had a scale in there, the kind that they use at the doctor's office, and I couldn't resist a quick weigh-in.

Yeah that was dumb.

After convincing myself that a wet swimsuit adds at least twenty pounds, I set my mind to a more rigorous workout regimen (just so you know, my motivation is not purely superficial--I've also been feeling quite sluggish lately and if you saw the amount of cheese dip my boyfriend and I consumed yesterday I'm sure you'd be like, "Wow, jesus, yeah, it's time to make some changes here, Winona."). I love to exercise, but whenever I need to rev things up, I (duh) buy some cool new workout gear.

I saw these on fabsugar a while ago and literally gasped at the sight of their awesomeness (I know that right now some of you are gasping for other, less flattering reasons, but you see, these shoes are like great art--they're polarizing and evoke strong emotion).

My favorite workout gear purchase is probably shoes, because the cooler they are, the more they make me want to run so I can look down at my feet and pretend I'm in a Nike commercial. And these ones are just so freakin' cool. I remember reading that they're made from eco-friendly fabric too, which doubles (maybe triples?) their cool factor.

They're almost a hundred bucks, which is about $70 more than I usually spend on athletic shoes. However, I'm sure they would help me get rid of this pesky wet swimsuit weight, and I'd consider that money well spent.

shoes: "Cascadia 2";


Sullen Girl said...

The shoes are great. Cheese dip is great. More importantly, the cheese dip, but obviously one shouldn't wear the stuff to work out. The temptation may prove a bit.. hmmm, counterproductive.

Karinaxoxo said...

ohh i love them!!!
I prefer dark work out clothes - so a bright pair of runners looks awesome!!!

millie said...

gasp! i want these

Chad Oneil said...

I love sneakers, so I appreciated your post. Thanks for stopping by blog by the way!

Fashion said...

Hi i love your post...I had used this model shoe when i was participated in athlete...I think this is Timberland shoes

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