Tuesday, October 03, 2006

An Ode to Ms. O'Neill

Here's why these Dolce & Gabbana scarves on Overstock.com are awesome, in the form of a 5-paragraph persuasive essay outline as taught to me by my freshman English teacher in high school, Ms. O'Neill, and forcibly untaught to me by every college professor I've ever had:

Title: These Dolce & Gabbana Scarves are Awesome

Thesis Statement: These Dolce & Gabbana scarves are awesome and you should buy them.
Broad opening statement: Scarves are vital and versatile accessories in any woman's wardrobe, and colorful scarves are the best.

Paragraph (argument) 1: These scarves are really pretty.

Paragraph (argument) 2: These scarves are by Dolce & Gabbana.

Paragraph (argument) 3: These scarves used to cost $200, but on Overstock.com, they cost $24.99. Yes, $24.99. As in, you save 175 bucks.

Conclusion (restate thesis statement and main points): These Dolce & Gabbana scarves are awesome and you should buy them. They are really pretty, they are by Dolce & Gabbana and they used to cost $200, but now they cost $24.99.

Pretty persuasive, huh?

(I know this picture makes 'em look a tad old-ladyish, but I assure you, close up they are tres chic.)


Karina said...

Haha your english teacher would be so proud!!
They are very girlie aren't they?

Honeybee said...

Ok, these scarves may be pretty but the thing is I alreaday own a great number of scarves that I never wear. I don't know how - please help! When I put one on I look just like an english teacher. In return for your advice I will soon post a recipe for fail-safe and completely irresistible chocolate souffl├ęs. (To be passed on to your boyfriend).

fashion? yes please. said...


dusk&summer said...

lol pretty solid argument!

missc said...

Ooh j'adore. They do look a tad mumsy but D&G! On the cheap! Must go buy.

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RachelP said...

Oh, why why did you have to remind me of Ms. O'Neill?! When I think of her, I think of her puffy mottled looking white and gray feet with perfectly manicured toenails and how I was scarred by her advocacy of 60-year-old virginity. However, you have done a perfect example of that red and yellow triangle five paragraph format poster she had.

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