Friday, October 06, 2006

A Rant Gone Horribly Wrong

Chip & Pepper; $58, yes, seriously, $58;

So I tried to write an angry post about this shirt, but this is how it went: "I can't believe that a college logo shirt is being sold in one of the snobbier departments of Nordstrom (t.b.d.--not quite Savvy, but close) with a Chip & Pepper tag on it and a $58 price, when you could buy an almost identical t-shirt in any university bookstore for much le--oh...damn." When I remembered how much my college bookstore charges for school spirited paraphernalia (sadly it's not that far off from the Chip & Pepper figure), my rant became irrelevant and I got bitter at the whole world instead.


Denial Renae said...

Try Steve and Barry's for all your college apperal needs. They have awesome peices for well under $20 or less.

samida said...

Its so ridiculous how much college bookstores charge for school memorabilia. When I was in college, the U of Memphis sold a basic tee for almost $30, but you could get an almost identical one at any Wal-Mart in Memphis. Sucks!

S.S.LOVE said...

What is even more rib jibbing is the fact that Distressed Jeans and I were each gifted one of these jobbers at a pre-award show suite.
I have a purple and white New York one and she in fact owned this very Florida one.
Super comfortable!

S.S.Love in the hizzy.

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