Sunday, October 22, 2006


Christy Turlington is modeling the Gap's new do-good tank top that benefits the Global Fund, an organization working to fight AIDS in Africa, among other things. You'll notice (it's impossible not to) that she is not wearing a bra, her nipples are showing, and the do-good tank top is calculatedly coming off. I saw this ad in a magazine, and the page next to her reads, "Can a tank top change the world?"

Let me tell you, I'm all for changing the world. I could give you a comprehensive list of proposed world changes, and the AIDS epidemic in Africa would most definitely be near the top. Coincidentally, the way advertising portrays women would be on there too, much farther down of course, but still there.

That's why this ad is so frustrating. I have every faith that if people get determined and get together, we can make great strides toward eradicating AIDS; I'm just not sure why we have to objectify Ms. Turlington to do it.

Half the profit from the sales of a successful tank top (Gap's plan) really does have the potential to make a difference, and I applaud the Gap for getting involved. At the same time, there's nothing world-changing about a partially clothed woman posed for our viewing and judgment in the media.


Anonymous said...

i saw this same ad yesterday while flipping through elle, so it was nice to see your post was as angry as i was!

i love your blog. you always have funny posts, and they are daily! which basically brightens my days. thanks :D

--a dedicated reader

Marissa said...

I know what you mean, and sort of feel the same way. It is a nice picture so you could also think of it the same you think of nudity in art. Sex is a good way to get people's attention and that cause needs attention. Also, why is it that the only risqué part of a woman's boob is her nipple? You can show the rest without anyone having a problem.

Alice said...

I don't know. I think this photo is beautiful, but I agree that it is messed up that it's necessary to sell sex in order to help the impoverished.

Anonymous said...

amen. i couldn't have said it better myself.
it's sad how gap thinks that they have to use sex to get people to support a good cause. a little twisted, no?

Nicky said...

I couldn't agree more, well said!

millie said...

i agree completely. it's like how every fucking thing now comes in pink (seriously i saw a strainer the other day that was pink. a strainer.) to support breast cancer. of course, the true reason behind this pink frenzy is that businesses know that people will buy things if it makes them feel like they're supporting a good cause. even if it's two cents per strainer. my advice: just donate five bucks to the foundation on your own. maybe i really just hate it because it's an ugly shade of pink they have chosen.
but turlington is hot.

S. said...

Even though it is so blatantly obvious, I had a strange feeling I was the only one who noticed.

I felt embarassed for her like how can anyone allow themselves be used like that. Is her appearance in this way just par for the course as a model or are the celebs waiving their fees for the good of the campaign?

I won't be purchasing these goods. You can give directly to several organizations instead and you won't have a stupid red shirt or whatever lying around getting dated.

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