Friday, October 20, 2006

Cashmere Perfect and Cyanide-Free

I found a tube of L'Oreal Cashmere Perfect Blush on the Long's Drugs mega-discount shelf that only looked marginally tampered with, and I bought it (hello it was $3.99! Even if it had cyanide in it, that's a good deal), and I'm totally in love.

This is my first cream blush experience (well, this one is actually a cream that magically changes to powder on contact, but that still counts right?) and I feel like a new woman breaking out of my purely powdered past. I really love the look of blush, and all the powder blushes I used to use were the kinds that give you a subtle glow, which I hate. If I'm wearing makeup, I want people to know, damnit. Not like Tammy Faye Bakker know, of course, more like Rachel Bilson know:

See? It's no secret that she's wearing blush, and she looks supercute!

This is what would happen with my old blushes: I would put some on, get a subtle glow, put more on, put more on, put more on, and then by the time I almost sorta had the look I wanted, color saturation-wise, I had a little pile of powder blush rising up from each cheek, and good god is that not a good look.

My new discount L'Oreal blush is totally different. I just put a little on, rub it in, and the apples of my cheeks become delightfully peachy (the shade is "Heavenly Peach" after all) and glowy. It blends really easily and I'm just so happy that not only does it not have cyanide in it but it's also one of my best makeup finds in recent memory.

You can buy it on sale for $7.99 (haha suckahs!) at, or you can stalk the discount shelf at Long's, hoping to get lucky.


Alice said...

I don't know... my experience with cream blush has always left me with a Raggedy Ann look that is almost impossible to remove. But I guess I haven't really used cream blush since like 10th grade. It is probably more advanced by now.

I'm Alice, by the way. Your blog is fun.

RachelP said...

I love cream blush! I use Origins Pinch My Cheeks in raspberry and it's awesome. It's more of a gel than a cream, and it's highly blendable.

missc said...

I love Cashmere Perfect. It feels so... cashmery soft.

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