Monday, October 16, 2006

The Deadly Coral Snake Pants

I know this is so completely wrong, but I've been obsessed with these plaid L.A.M.B. pants for an embarrassingly long time. Actually, excuse me, they are not pants; their proper name is "Slouchy Breeches."

You know that rhyme about how to distinguish poisonous snakes by their stripes, "Red and yellow kill a fellow"?

Well, in the fashion world, there's one that goes like this: "Slouchy and Breeches is not what Vogue teaches."

The words "Slouchy" and "Breeches" appearing so close together is just another way Mother Nature says STAY AWAY. These pants and their unfortunate title are just like the deadly coral snake with his red and yellow stripes and venomous bite and tendency to make your thighs look about double their normal size. And still, I yearn for them.

They're on sale on for like a quarter of their normal price (no snarky remarks about the obvious reasons for this, please), which is still way too expensive. But a girl can dream about her squatty, high-waisted, puff-legged breeches, right?


ambika said...

They make me think of golf. Which may be what Gwen intended, who knows. But either way, I will not sport these, sans pink sweater vest or no.

Carissa said...

I suppose they're enchanting in a punk concert in Scotland sort of way, although I must agree with the comment above, I would not wear them.

ed said...

I reckon they are cool - and very much going a way of their own.

poetic? said...

hipster slouch low key urban-y kinda feel, cool, but not a personal choice. =] though im not against them!

Anonymous said...

Its actually:
Red touches yellow, kill a fellow


Karinaxoxo said...

I like the cut - not the pattern though

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