Sunday, October 29, 2006


Here's the deal, people. Lucky magazine is providing Coutorture with a VIP gift bag full of incredibly awesome designer swag (I'm so sorry, but my whole life I've always wanted to use the word "swag," and growing up in small town Oregon didn't afford me many chances) worth $800! Winning this bag would completely change your life. Cousins you've never met would come out of the woodwork saying they really need some Kerastase hair gel, just to get them through the month; designers would start sending you samples to wear grocery shopping; Stavros Niarchos would try to date you. Overall, it would be a beautiful thing (except for Stavros, he's kind of dirty). In the spirit of full disclosure, I might be pushing this so fervently because if someone wins it by entering on Daddy Likey, I happen to get one too. So enter! And win!

P.S. My friend Carolyn pointed out that the bag doesn't really look like it contains $800 worth of swag (oops there I go again). Actually, her exact words were, "That bag is a poser," but I assure you that Lucky and Coutorture wouldn't lie. It's stuffed full! Stuffed with swag! Swag I say! Swaaaag!


Coutorture said...


Check your email love!


Anonymous said...

What town did you come from? I'm in a small town in Oregon myself.

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