Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tuesday Top 5: Eyeliner

Today I'd like to introduce a brand new feature here at Daddy Likey: The Tuesday Top 5. Each week this blessed day will bring a Top 5 list to inform and entertain, such as "Top 5 Cute Shoes That Would Probably Give You Epic Blisters" or "Top 5 Cheap Purses That Look Expensive" or "Top 5 Reasons This Blouse Reminds Me of My 5th Grade Music Teacher, Mr. Nagy."

The topic of today's list, however, is quite simple:

Top 5 Best Eyeliners Ever

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil, $17
These babies are my absolute favorite because they meet the three most critical eyeliner criteria: they're creamy, waterproof, and, the color choices are totally badass. I wear a nice heavy dose of the "Deviant" shade--a bright, sparkly teal--a few times a week, and I think I owe the vast majority of my friendships to women coming up to me and saying, "Cool eyeliner!" and then me being like, "Thanks! Want to be friends?"

MAC Crayon Kohl in "Smolder," $14.50
If we're talking classic black liner, nobody beats MAC. This stuff goes on smooth and dark enough to help create the perfect smoky eye and/or Pete Wentz Halloween costume.

Jane Cosmetics Be Pure Mineral One Liner, $3.49
One night a few weeks ago, I was sort of depressed, so I went to Walgreens and bought a cheap navy blue eyeliner pencil. I also bought a peanut butter Twix and box of thumbtacks shaped like ladybugs, but it was the eyeliner that turned out to be a pleasant surprise. For less than $5, these self-sharpening pencils deliver great color that lasts for most of the day. (One caveat: while the "smudger" on the end seems like a cool idea, in reality it is more of an "eye poker.")

Stila Smudge Pot, $20
Sure, this requires the use of a brush, and sure, it costs more than a timeshare in Puerto Vallarta, but seriously, it's awesome.

Wet n' Wild Eyeliner Pencil, 99¢
Despite the fact that these have aided and abetted thousands--perhaps millions!--of garish middle school makeup routines, I'm still a fan. The long pencils last forever, come in many shades, and they're so cheap you could buy one every day and still have money left over for the necessities (like a peanut butter Twix and a box of thumbtacks shaped like ladybugs).

If you noticed that my list includes expensive eyeliners, supercheap liners, and not much in between, you would be correct--I just haven't had much luck with mid-range brands. How about you? And no matter the price point, would you dare to share your faves?


Ginny said...

hehe this makes me excited for tuesdays! :)

cuttlefish said...

for those who like their eyeliner with an extra daub of danger, there's always kajal!

говно said...

I don't know if Napoleon Perdis is sold outside Australia, but it's basically like the Pacific's answer to MAC.

Plenty of variety when it comes to colour, although fairly expensive at $21 USD. And it doesn't come off. Even when you sleep with it on.

Anonymous said...

Urban Decay is my favourite and I wear deviant too! Its like the best colour for brown eyes ever invented.

Barry M's not bad either, I dont know if you can get it in the US but it's dirt cheap and comes in a bazillion colours.

Avon pencils are the worst ever I think, seriously, you end up taking the top layer of skin off your eyelids to get any colour pay off. *insert thumbs down here*

Suzy said...

i'm with you on the extreme pricing. those mid-priced ones, like l'oreal, just don't work out much and i think it's because they're constantly trying to stay on trend; they rarely come out with actual quality in their product. just a lotta perfume that my face doesn't need.

meanwhile, the expensive stuff usually knows it's great and doesn't need to be so desperate and the cheap stuff says 'look, this is what i got. take it or leave it' and the formula is nearly never changed.

nadarine said...

A thousand times YES to the Urban Decay 24/7 pencils. I converted to them last winter, and my quality of life improved immensely. Truly.

meliasaurus said...

i use covergirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner it's not that great...

i have much better luck with lining with eye shadow, but i can't seem to make it stand out from my shadows on top... i'm thinking about trying a gel liner...

tor (fabfrocks) said...

With you x 5 million (approx) on the urban decay; their liners have saved my face so many mornings! The benefit smokin' liner is also a winner!

Muttersome said...

I've tried lots of eyeliners, ranging from Wet N Wild to Clinique and Elizabeth Arden, and my absolute number one favorite is L'Oreal Infallible Eyeliner. Self sharpening, goes on smooth, stays put. It is seriously awesome.

Leila said...

Physician's Formula has a great black liner- and it comes with a sharpener on one end!

Lisa said...

Ooh great new feature!

Pencils and a shadow, but what about liquid eyeliner? Black liquid eyeliner is one of my essentials. I'm using a drugstore one by Annabelle right now, but I've heard good things about the smudgeproof miraculousness that is Geisha Ink eyeliner.

Vanessa said...

I love this new feature! I'm glad you kicked it off with eyeliner, too-- I'm a fan of liquid eyeliners myself, but I'd love to give a pencil another try.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, bless. I have been using the same crap-ass eyeliner for ages and haven't been adventurous enough to scout out a new, better one. Now I don't have to!

Amanda Ann said...

liquid eyeliner? cover girl lineexact liquid liner is what i use every morning. comes in a bunch of colors, although nothing as zippy as teal. it takes a little bit to learn how to handle, but my sister hates spending time on makeup, and i just converted her. also? it's 6 bucks.

Kelly said...

i LOVE Benefit's kohl eyeliner. it runs about $15 and last for-ev-er! really looking forward to this new feature every week, too!


Sara said...

Haha, I just started using Urban Decay eyeliner not two weeks ago. Fantastic stuff! I go for "Gunmetal" and "Graffiti" -- I have weird blue-green eyes with brown specks. By weird I mean awesome.

I like MAC too, but not as much. They do have a lovely dark green.

The Wet n' Wild doesn't work so well for me. It gets all smudgy really fast.

You are cute.

WendyB said...

No MAC Fluidline? :-O

Siru said...

This is definitely something I need to remember. I hate liners I always choose bad ones. Though from these only Wet'n'wild and MAC are available in Finland. I clearly need to check the net.

juliet xxx

Erin said...

i love the MAC liner too - it's great for smudging. buuut i find that it smudges too much and i look like i got beat up. =(

no liquids? or is that another post all together?

love the new feature!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm excited for Tuesday's now. :] My current liking is of Dior's basic noir black liner. It stays in place (then again I don't have much trouble with melty liner), but it's weird- sometime it'll go on real dark, sometime it won't. I dunno? I think I'll take the MAC eyeliner experience next.

daddylikeyblog said...

Hahaha, exactly!

I know, it's a travesty right? In truth, I'm a huge fan of MAC fluidline (who isn't?) but I'm an even bigger fan of the crayon kohl and wanted to choose just one product from each brand. Perhaps a future list would be "Top 5 Reasons MAC is the best makeup ever, seriously for real."

Thanks for the support of the new feature! I'm pretty excited about it. :)

Dreampuff said...

Ohhh lovely! I usually use $1.99 waterproof New York Color (found at CVS) eyeliner.

Do you think next Tuesday you could do shampoo? I have been meaning to switch from my hippie lavender stuff. I dont think it actually does anything. But I have no idea where to start because I have been using it for like, 5 years.

Me said...

sometimes expensive is better. check cosmeticsdatabase.com to see whats in the stuff you by and how safe it is, especially if you have sensitive skin :)

Anonymous said...

I have thumbtacks shaped like ladybugs!

jess said...

I always use MAC's smolder because I hate scrubbing my eyes, but if I'm planning on wearing something all day I'll usually use their waterproof version, Engraved.

I got some free eyeliner that came along with my Cover Girl Lashblast (which I'm not a fan of), and it seems to do the job pretty decently, too.

Darci Catherine said...

I love Jordana's 99 cent brown eyeliner. The mocha-something. They sell it at Walgreen's and the consistency is good, the longevity is good, and the price is unbeatable.

I also really like Rimmel's Kajal in black. 2.99 and it's my favorite for the smudgy look I usually fall back on first thing in the morning.

littlemissellie said...

i have an addiction to benefit make up, and their eyeliners rock! great new feature :)

superanner said...

I think that Benefit Babe cake is the best eyeliner EVER. It's a block which you wet and then paint on with a brush, so it's a little bit faffy, but it means you get to choose the consistency, how much you want on the brush, the thickness of the brush strokes, etc. You can easily get a really precise line that doesn't smudge too much. They used to sell a really nice dark grey shade but now it's just the brown/black duo. Ace though. The ones like felt tip pens are good too 'though the lines tend to smudge a bit too easily.

L said...

I only use black eyeliner, and the best I've found is Physician's Formula. It's awesome because its a twist up so I never worry about poking my eye with wooden shards. I bought a brown one too, but it doesn't work nearly as well.
I think if I try to be coordinated enough to try colors, I'll have to check out Urban Decay!

Rosie Unknown said...

OK, this totally makes up for the fact that I don't have math class on Tuesday!

Personally, I love the Cover Girl Outlast eyeliner, in Onyx. it stays on all day, if I don't put anything under it, and no sharpening! It isn't very helpful if you don't want a hugely thick line though.

Marie said...

I LOVE this stuff:

I bought some a few years ago and it is still going strong. You get your liner brush a bit wet, put it int he color and apply. You can make it lighter or darker and super thin. You must get the bent liner brush to go with it.

Marie said...

And now I see that superanner posted the same stuff a few above me. That is how great it is. :)

Missa.Vogue said...

My favorite is the Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes eyeliner ... It's AMAZING! It's the only liner that I've ever LOVED. It's kind of expensive, but SO worth it! The Urban Decay 24/7 pencils never go on my waterline at all, but the Aqua Eyes does every time ... and it goes on SO DARK! I love it! :)

Here's a link to it http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P35082

Rhandi said...

I too adore Urban Decay 24/7... my color of choice is "Dime", which as you can probably tell from the name is a kinda sparkly/metallic silver. My favorite way to wear it is to line my eyes in black/charcoal gray and then trace the "Dime" liner on the top edge of the line. Sort of a silver lining, if you will. :)

Loladahling said...

Oh golly was I excited to begin reading about your top 5 eyeliners, until....peanut butter twix? peanut butter twix??? for the love of all things peanut and buttery why do I not have them here in good ole blighty?? why? why?? no seriously I beg of you why?? anyhows, this Walgreen place, is it like a shrink who has a neat sideline in cheap pick me ups?? did it cure the kind of depression? x

down pillow said...

Wet 'n Wild is something I can NEVER pass up at the store... must stop and peruse every time.

J said...

Urban Decay pencils are my absolute favorite also; the metallic caramel "Lucky" for blue-grey eyes plus heaps of black mascara for moi.

First comment, hello! I sometimes sho-cha my cho-cha, can I still read your blog? :-)

emily said...

i've heard good things about the urban decay liner, but i'm too cheap to pay $17 for it... :( i actually use the wet n' wild stuff sometimes, it's pretty good. i also loved the hip loreal powder liner so much, i did a review of it on my blog! looking forward to next tuesday. ;)

Anonymous said...



Whitney Josephine said...

Great to know about the Urban Decay eyeliner! I always hem and haw over it, and then opt for a pretty eyeshadow instead. I'll have to give one of these suckers a try!

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