Monday, September 28, 2009

Don't Show-cha Your Chocha!

Please accept my sincere apologies for missing last week's Don't Show-cha Your Chocha post! My schedule has been pretty crazy recently with a new job and a few other projects, but I know my priorities should always be as follows:

1. Chocha posts.
2. Everything else.

If you're just joining us and are deeply confused by all this chocha talk, allow me to explain. Don't Show-cha Your Chocha is a recurring feature here at Daddy Likey, wherein vigilant readers submit photos illustrating the super-short dress/no pants epidemic. You can find the definition of "chocha" here, if you're curious, but it's also acceptable and adorable to make like my mom's friends (hi ladies!) and be all, "What is a cha cha? I could take a guess, but I'm not sure I actually want to know." You can also read the very first DSYC post, if you'd like a refresher.

Now let's get this party started (this week's installment includes at least 30% more chocha, to make up for my tardiness).

First up, two tough-to-sit-down-in dresses from lovely reader Tessa:

This girl's like, "Oh, crap, did I put on underwear before I commenced this sweet spin?"

Thomas W. and Cate D. sent in slightly different pictures of this shockingly short, ummm, shirt:

Both are equally terrifying.

Next up, a cute dress, give or take a few vital inches:

Says Brande: Maybe there just wasn't enough cloth left over to add some chocha-hiding trim?

A classic from our old friends at American Apparel:

Casey has a theory: If you look at the description it says "Shrinkage: will shrink an average of one size when put in dryer." Someone should have warned the poor model that before she washed her shirt...

Jaime submitted this prime example:

See, there's a difference between a "shirt dress" and a "shirt." Not sure that difference is understood here.

Jackie reported this offender from Shopbop:

She says: First, I was amazed the model wasn't rocking the crossed-legs-have-to-pee pose, but any other camera angle and she might have. Second, I don't think I've ever seen a sadder looking model. Maybe it's because she misses her pants.

Jessica B. sent in the following chochastic pants and hilarious caption:

I've gotten use to a certain level of chochaness because of your series, one might even say that I am blase about seeing chochas prancing free in the wild. Inured even, if I am allowed to dig out my fancy SAT words. But this made even jaded old me say "whoa" aloud. It not only combines the lady business, but also harem pants. I am thinking of all the different scenarios in which this lovely young model is wearing these pants in public and they always end in tears and chapped chochas. [Editor's note: "tears and chapped chochas" = my favorite phrase of '09]

Natalia thought some posing classes had really paid off for this Topshop model:

I definitely agree. That's a pro pose, right there.

Reader Kara was worried about model Daria Werbowy in this outfit:

So am I. Can you imagine the thigh-clenching necessary to make that dress look decent?

And finally, Emily sent in this atrocity, which I may have posted before, but I don't care, the sentiment bears repeating:

She says: Mom jeans AND a denim chocha?! who knew such a magical combination could even exist without the world imploding!

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Kendall said...

lol glad you have your priorities straight! I really love chocha posts!

Alpha Monkey said...

That last one is a Macro Faux-Cha. [shudder]

Helen said...

Ha, glad someone else agress with me about the Topshop stuff! When I first saw that I was like, 'whaaaat? it's so cute but way too short!' and then I sulked because I wouldn't be buying it

Anonymous said...

Husband Mike saw the denim chocha this morning and said, "Those have GOT to be conceptual art pants." I said, "You'd be surprised, babe. Somebody out there is probably DYING to wear those."

WendyB said...

When Tears for Fears makes their big comeback, I hope they change their name to Tears for Chapped Chochas.

Lymie said...

I had a dream last night that I was featured here wearing no pants. That was a nightmare!

Rosie Unknown said...

That last one... I'm scared for life.

Great post!

Emily said...

this actually made me laugh out loud -- LOVE IT :)

Lindsay said...

I just said the word "denim chocha" while my two male coworkers (yeah this is what I do while I'm at work) were walking by.

I wish I could read minds and hear what they were thinking when they heard that haha.

JessieB said...

Genius. I feel like the Fug Girls posted these photos today in honor of the chocha-fest!

J said...

I love the chocha posts so much. And yet I just can't stop showing my chocha at the weekend. In a completely innocent way, I'm married. :-)

Alexxxander said...

All I have to say is Georgia O'Keefe much....

Anonymous said...

That sad looking model always looks that way, and they keep using her. It's sad.

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