Friday, September 11, 2009

Don't Show-cha Your Chocha!

It's time for your weekly dose of Don't Show-cha Your Chocha, the recurring feature where Daddy Likey readers strike back against the trend of, like, not wearing pants with shirts. And you're in for a special treat, because today's installment includes a cartoon character and a new theme song!

Our first DSYC offender comes courtesy of Megan:

She says: Aren't tunics supposed to be worn as, y'know, shirts? For the love of all things bacon, where are her jeans?

Here's what I like to call a Fleur de Chocha:

Arlynn explains: I was surfing the web for fab Fleur De Lis stuff and stumbled upon this doozie. They promoted it as a "hoodie," but styled it as a dress, making me want to scream: "Woah girl, don't show-cha your chocha!"

The eagle-eyed Solanah sent me this, which totally cracks me up:

So I was watching Futurama last night and when Zach Brannigan popped on the screen in this short little velour getup. (Yes it's velour, he said so himself.) I'm thinking tight little pants, or leggings came with the uniform, but he liked his legs too much to hide them. Or maybe he likes a little breeze once in a while.

Awesome reader Lizzey sent me a veritable bouquet of chochas (my favorite kind of bouquet!). Check it out:

We all owe a great debt of gratitude to Jesse McCartney for this heroic act. This is comparable to throwing yourself on a grenade to save your platoon.

Umm, what happens when she has to shift to the left?

This picture makes me so nervous.

Nice subtle forward lean, Amanda, very nice.

You might want to try that forward lean again.

Wow. Hopefully the Grammys are standing room only, because can you imagine sitting down in that thing?

In addition the the lovely chocha bouquet, Lizzey also mentioned that after reading Daddy Likey regularly, she is now suffering from "The Eye of the Chocha." She thought that would make an excellent blog theme song, and I totally concur, so I took the liberty of altering the lyrics to the first verse of "Eye of the Tiger" in order to fit our needs. Cue the music please...

Risin' up, your hemline creeps
You don't care, you'll take your chances
Tried to sit down, now you're back on your feet
Didn't mean to attract those kinds of glances

Can't run or jump, have to move less
Shuffle around and garner pity
Don't lose your grip on the hem of your dress
You must fight to keep your dignity

It's the eye of the chocha, it's the thrill of the fight
for pants, leggings, shorts, or whatever
No offense but your crotch is quite the unwelcome sight
And we're watchin' you all with the eye of the chocha

Maybe I'll do the second verse next week!

Thanks for all the fabulous chocha submissions, and keep 'em comin'! Email me at


Lisa said...

Oh wow, Futurama! I haven't seen that in ages...remembering Zach's alien friend who'd cringe every time Zach stood with his legs a little too far apart now.

Erin said...

WOW. DSYC at it's best. although, i kind of think that "unwelcoming sight" fits better with the tune of the song. buuuut, that's just my opinion.
have a great weekend!

Alpha Monkey said...

Last nights Project Runway winning outfit caused my husband and I to shout "Chocha!" in unison.

G. said...

Look up "Mackenzie Falls" online. Watch one of the webisodes, and you'll see someone familiar. ie. one of the characters looks exactly like your brother, and has the same name.

Rosie Unknown said...

A particularly amazing DSYC! The theme song helps, a lot!

Solanah said...

I'm such a lurker on your blog (I know, I'm a terrible reader), but thanks for including Mr Brannigan ;)
My husband and I crack up on these posts, and he loves FMFFI posts, keep 'em coming!


Beth said...

I so love this series -- thanks for doing it. :-)


Jean said...

WINONA! There is some real life DSYC action on Urban Weeds today! And it's local!

daddylikeyblog said...

Duly noted! I actually wrote this in a coffeeshop and didn't have any headphones so I had to go from memory, but I'll add that extra syllable in there just for you. :)

Alpha Monkey--
Hahaha that's so great.

I'm so intrigued and I'll do that ASAP!

Thanks, love! :)

Hahah thanks for the heads up! I totally noticed that...and I'm still cracking up about it.

Johnny said...

I love your new lyrics. But now i've got that damn song in my head!

Anonymous said...

Haha! This totally cheered up my Saturday morning.
I'll never be able to watch Rocky again, but that's no loss really!

WendyB said...

I'm surprised by how nervous some of these pictures make me. I feel like screaming, "BE CAREFUL!"

Gem said...

That theme song made me lol my face off.

Siru said...

You should be a songwriter! The Futurama guy gives me the biggest creeps.

juliet xxx

training courses said...

I thought the article title is funny! That is a very revealing celebrity outfits.

Fort bonifacio condo said...

This is hilarious, the picture of one of The Simpson’s cartoon character.

Rachel said...

I just did a bona fide LOL at "Eye of the Chocha" while sitting in my skivvies eating eggs. Yeah, good thing I'm alone.... Point is, though, AHAHAHAHAAA.

Lorena said...

Can´t stop laughing at the Chocha song....!

K.Lo said...

LMFAO @ the Chocha song

Whit said...

"Eye of the Chocha" is the finest song ever written. All other song writers should just hang up their pens now.

etoilee8 said...

I almost spit out what I was eating while reading "Eye of the Chocha".

Peajai said...

Can I get "Eye of the Chocha" for Guitar Hero? Please and thanks.

sem consultant said...

A sexy dress is not kind of bad. If you think that whatever you saw is for the ladies,then you will give the different meaning, the worst thing you had is just you. But if they make fashionable and being intellectual is good enough like for the picture showed was great to handle herself.

Anonymous said...



Parisienne Farmgirl said...

I have to say, my SIL has me hooked on your blog - your sense of humor make me cry, it's like you crawled in my head or something! I LOVE THIS BLOG!
And, all these fashion blogs I've been checkin out have me inspired to do my own fashion posts - as a Momma who just had #3 I need to stay on my game...and that means NOT giving in to the pressure to buy a Mini van and of course - making sure the only people who see my Chocha are the Hubby and the Midwife!

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