Monday, May 31, 2010

Enthusiastic Adjectives: Mooi Vintage

I'm delighted to welcome a new sponsor to the Daddy Likey sidebar: Mooi Vintage! This stylish and well-stocked Etsy boutique is based out of Amsterdam and full of unique vintage accessories.

After taking a look around this shop, it's not uncommon to sit down with your current jewelry collection and say, "You know, I've realized you're sort of boring, and I've found someone else. Actually I've found quite a few someone elses. And they're Dutch. Jealous?"

Here are a few of the many beautiful pieces that have me longing to cheat on my jewelry, along with carefully chosen adjectives to describe them:

Lucite butterfly wing earrings: Aerodynamic!

Three-toned wood bracelet: Wood-tastic!

Please show this awesome shop some love, and thanks as always for supporting Daddy Likey sponsors!

P.S. I have sponsorship spots available for June, July, and beyond. My rates are super affordable and I love to partner with independent shop owners, artists, and bloggers. Please send me an email for more information!


Jenni said...

Oooooooooh very pretty stuff! I love that little fox especially! :)

Anonymous said...

Finally an etsy store that doens't cost a bomb to ship to the UK. I love the dutch truly I do. As well as that fox belt.

Jenniferocious said...

Ooh! This stuff is too cute. I especially love the button necklace and the butterfly earrings. :)

Karen said...

Love the bracelet!!

Louise Mc said...

What a beautiful fox belt buckle, I thought it was a brooch!

Jen Hsieh said...

these pieces are so gorgeous, especially the butterfly wing earrings. congrats on the new sponsor! :)

Anna said...

Hey, I'm from Amsterdam and I had never even heard of them.
Wow, they really do have some amazing items.

Fashion Du Jour said...


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