Monday, November 20, 2006

Daddy Likey 100th Post Contest Extravaganza!

Alright, Daddy Likey fans, have I got a deal for you. This happens to be my 100th post (I'm a centenapostian! Wow, that was the worst pun ever), which is so super exciting that I am going to hold a contest to celebrate. A Daddy Likey 100th Post Contest Extravaganza to be exact!

Perhaps you heard that I recently won a Coutorture/Lucky Shops VIP giftbag. The winner of the Daddy Likey 100th Post Contest Extravaganza will receive something cool out of said giftbag, to be determined on December 15th when I finally get to see the damn thing for the first time myself (I had to have it shipped to my house in Oregon but I have a month of school left here--and yes, I did consider dropping out for the sole reason of getting to my giftbag sooner). I can't tell you exactly what you will win, but I can assure you it will be cool and it will be semi-expensive. You might win something in this very picture (but not the tic tacs; my friend Rachel already called those).

Here's what you've gotta do. I did a post a while back describing the somewhat embarrassing and perplexing contents of my purse. If you would like a chance at a free piece of swag of your very own, go through your purse/handbag/backpack and send me an email describing the ONE wierdest/grossest/most illegal thing you found. Okay, I'm kidding about the illegal part. Any and all bloody knife emails will be forwarded to the authorities, no matter how hilarious. A panel of judges and I will choose the item we find most entertaining and send you some sweet swag!

Send your crazy purse finds (and the story behind it if you'd like to explain yourself, but that's totally optional) to with something along the lines of "Daddy Likey 100th Post Contest Extravaganza!" in the title.

p.s. To my close friends--sadly, you are ineligible for this contest, because we both know you are going to pillage and plunder that giftbag, contest or not (Carolyn, I'm so talking to you. Step away from the bag!).


fauxyou said...

So, I know I am ineligible (we are close friends, right?) but the grossness in the bottom of my bag is just killing me. You might know from experience that seeing a great comedian needs some sort of refreshments, so Ben smuggled in Junior Mints when we saw Demetri Martin. Of course being in the front, we didn't want him to be distracted, so we ate those suckers out of my purse. Weeks later, I put something into my bag (like say, an expensive digital camera) and when I take the sucker out, smeared minty goodness coats the screen.
Atleast it smells better then before.
Thanks for reminding me to clean out my purse, now get back to Oregon. I want to eat a turkey leg with Nick.

Alice said...

Oh god, you mean you're making me actually clean my purse?

You, darling, are too cruel.


Carolyn said...

Winona, I am hurt that you would ever even think such a thing about me!!! Ok, so you are totally right. I have really cool things in my purse though, we aren't BFF's for nothing! P.S. you totally need to call me with your raging waters near drowning experience!! Under penalty of having a rattlesnake mailed to you!

Carissa said...

I keep my purses neurotically neat. I too an inelligible.

Denial Renae said...

I;m with carissa. I don't have anything even remotely weird, gross or illegal. Only things that serve a purpose go in my purse. and I keep it to a minumum cause I change purses almost daily.

urban bloom said...

i'm sad and thrilled that i can't qualify...

desi said...

I likey too! Count me in!

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