Monday, November 13, 2006

I dare you to find a blog post anywhere that says "doodle" more than this one.

Rachel and I were superstar doodlers in our high school. We would take doodle orders and make personalized doodle pages that were always big hits on birthdays and Christmas; we would amaze the people sitting around us with our teacher-caricaturing talent and amuse ourselves with endless inside doodle jokes. We both had doodle specialties and recurring doodle characters. Rachel was the master of spastic cats and funny old men, and I often drew different types of food with human faces...

And now my doodle is a felt cosmetics pouch on I'm not sure if I should sue them for hiring a precog (oh wait in this situation it would be a postcog, right?) and stealing my idea, or just buy it.


Alice said...

Winona, you and I need to go out and find that damn screenwriter and get some accountability for these situations.

Seriously, though, have you ever thought of designing?


catwalk_teens said...

lol, just buy it!!! I absolutley love it, thanks for the comment, love Catwalk Teen

*emma* said...

am i retarded?
when i saw that pouch i actually went "thats a taco! with a face?..."
so cute. but confusing for us 'tards.

millie said...

hahaha remember that one time in physics when you got caught with a little folded up piece of paper in your calculator, and the teacher thought it was notes for cheating on a test, but it was actually different types of cheeses with faces? hahaha. oh...and i am so in love with the ├╝ber expensive coat from girlshop (do you like my umlauts?). but i think the coffee shop one is uuugly.

millie said...

and P.S. isn't the taco a character from aquateen hunger force? and P.P.S. did your mom get the shoes?

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