Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The first and only time you'll see a leering, unshaven, unibrowed man wearing a $5.95 fez on a fashion blog. Enjoy.

The lovely lasses over at Kingdom of Style wrote a post a while ago about their (and the fashion world's) current obsession with quilting. No, not the crafty pastime, silly, the Chanel-pioneered design feature showing up everywhere from flats to bags to coats. I have to say that I am equally enamored.

In fact, if this man came up to me in his $5.95 fez (it actually is $5.95, and no, I'm not telling you where to get one) and told me that it was all the rage and I simply must have one, I would probably mace him.

But if this were a quilted fez, and this man came up to me and told me it was all the rage and I simply must have one, I would fall into a familiar quilting-induced trance and hand him $6.00 for sure. He could even keep the change.

But you know, this bag really is quilted and way better than a cheap fez sold by a sexual predator:

It's from Jane's Closet for $95. But wait! If you'll recall, because you are smart and stylish and hip enough to read this site, you get a special 15% discount! Just enter "daddylikey" anytime during check out (til the end of November) and this bag becomes almost as affordable as the scary guy's fez. Go ahead, get yourself a quilted Christmas present.


QM said...

Good quilting spot madame - yeah the bag not the perv.The fez should always be left well alone, unless you are the reincarnation of the now sadly departed Brit comedian Tommy Cooper...even a quilted one. Just say no.

RachelP said...

Good God! The "I Love Liberace" side banner ad is up right now. I'm slightly tramatized and very amused.

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