Sunday, November 19, 2006

Update: NeoNaturalizer, NeoMother

Thanks to your urging, my mom, as my brothers would say, "manned up" and bought the shoes. Guess what? They fit perfectly, they're super-comfy, and she immediately ordered another pair. Good work ladies. And way to man up, mom.

Speaking of NeoNaturalizer, I was on their site the other day trying to find some cute flat boots for less than, you know, a thousand dollars (so far my search has gone on for weeks and been completely unsuccessful), and I came across their new Signature Collection. This is NeoNaturalizer at its best. This is UberNeoNaturalizer. Sure, the shoes in this collection bumped up into the next price range, but they're amazing (and comfy!). I mean, look at these heels:

Aren't they fabulous? I was reading Real Simple yesterday and there was a huge section on how to throw a formal holiday dinner party with a strict seating arrangement (they even had a little chart to write down your friends' good and bad qualities in order to better determine who sits by who, which kinda creeped me out. I mean, what if you accidentally left it somewhere and a party guest saw, like, "still thinks Austin Powers catchphrases are funny" next to their name?) and it sounded so horrible and awkward but if it meant an occassion to wear these shoes, I would RSVP in a second.

And then there's my personal favorites:

Ah, I could stare at these all day (which probably means I shouldn't buy them--that could get dangerous near busy streets). Think of these with just jeans and a black t-shirt--tres chic without even trying! And you could easily put them with tights and a party dress as well. God I'm in love.

Both: $125,


Alice said...

I am a total slave for red chunky Mary Janes...

Karinaxoxo said...

i luv the 2nd pair.

ambika said...

The flats are darling. I love everything about them.

Carissa said...

The red shoes are beautiful, they look like stained mahogany crafted into shoes. My dad was a carpenter before college, maybe I should set him on a project to replicate those.

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