Thursday, November 02, 2006

Outfit Algebra

I was talking to Rachel the other day and she mentioned that a few trends are hitting so hard right now that she feels like she can either submit and wear flowy tops and skinny pants or crawl under a decidedly untrendy rock and die. I have to agree. I believe I have decoded the reason for this, so allow me to illustrate with a crude equation (that unfortunately also illustrates my lack of a math class for the past four years):

Skinny pants (leggings may be substituted) + flowy top + wide belt + platforms (ankle boots or ballet flats also acceptable) ± chunky necklaces, headband, Jackie O glasses, crocheted hat, etc = a complete and completely trend-driven outfit.

Not clear? Allow Paris to explain; she's much more articulate:

My point is that this is the first time in a long time that almost every trend of the season can be combined into one cohesive and (mostly) uncrazy looking outfit, and droves of people are wearing it daily. Back when, say, wide-leg menswear trousers and victorian style dresses were the thing, you were forced to spread out your trend consumption at the risk of looking like an unwittingly trendy homeless person just trying to keep warm.

Let's learn to break it up, people. Until then, I'll be under a rock with Rachel.


mallika said...

so true, I have seen about 3 people in that (almost) exact outfit, as well as countless trend-followers who are wearing a combination of it.

Karinaxoxo said...

You said it sista!!
You've been tagged on my site BTW

Adrian said...

amen! and they say we can't clone humans!

ps...i notice you have your google ads along the side, can u e-mail me: and let me know how can I do this?

morgie said...

hahaha, can I just say that your blog makes me smile all the time! so thank you!

I can't say I am under the rock quite yet, but I am certainly not Paris either, which for all intents of purposes, is a good thing

ambika said...

I will be under that rock, too. I have a typically knee jerk teenage reaction of not wanting to do the thing everyone else is doing. And in my trendy neighborhood, it's impossible to escape the Skinny Jean Borg that ransack American Apparel every weekend.

Alice said...

Oh for the love of mustard...

I'd join you under that rock, but I think I'll just retreat into Patagonia outerwear for the next four months and call it winter. Call me back in springtime and I'll break out my Jackie O sunglasses, as they will have fallen out of fashion by then.

Carissa said...

Only if you live in L.A. Its not so stifling where I live (besides my new highschool), thank god.

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