Friday, November 17, 2006

Unrealistic Style Guide: Chapter 1

My dear cousin Marcella just made her debut as the lead in her high school play, which means, without a doubt, she will find success on Broadway soon. You know what that means! It's time for the Daddy Likey Style Guide: How to Dress Like a Broadway Star (in clothes that a real broadway star probably couldn't afford).

Start with an impossibly glamorous fur coat (shush now, it's faux!):

Rebecca Taylor, $570,

Pair with the cutest high-waisted pencil skirt ever made:

Parameter, $215,

Tuck in an embellished corset camisole ("Isn't that too much with the coat and the skirt? Shouldn't I keep the camisole simple?" you say? Helllooo you're on broadway! You're supposed to be dramatic!):Nannette Lepore, $300 (jesus christ that's expensive for a camisole!),

Add black tights and some hot red heels:

Fornarina, $144.40,

Top off the look with some big sunglasses, so everyone knows you're a famous broadway star, duh.

Giorgio Armani, $265,

Congratulations Marci!


alice-chan said...

i love those red heels!

Eli said...

yes, those fornarina shoes are much prettier in person. cant wait for them to go on sale a little, and luckily for friends who work there and gives heads up on sales.

rebekah said...

oh lawdy those shoes are amazing.

and nanette lepore is a really amazing name.

Anonymous said...

love the skirt!

Tito said...

I want to make sweet, sweet love to that high-waist skirt.

Anonymous said...

you are absolutely brilliant.


Alice said...

Oh sweet Jesus, the shoes! The shoes! I am such a shoe whore.

Now, if I can just concentrate on writing this damn bio, so I can afford more shoes...

S. said...

That skirt is absolutely the best! I love Fornarina's gorgeous, interesting shoes.

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