Friday, November 10, 2006

Macaulay and My Mother

My mom has rather wide feet. She thinks she is a fat-footed freak of nature; I insist she is merely blessed with a sturdy and balance-granting substratum. After years of trying to fit into "normal people shoes" and being told by salespeople that her kind are only welcome in the puny and unstylish Wide Shoe Section, she's (understandably) a bit sensitive, but today her insecurity has gone too far.

You see, a while ago I wrote a post on NeoNaturalizer and discovered these incredible t-straps in the process:

These are SO my mom. She works in downtown Portland and walks everywhere, so this two-and-a-half-inch heel is perfect; they come in black or brown which both go with everything; they're NeoNaturalizer so they're gonna be comfy; they're only $75, they come in wide, and they're adorable. What more could you want in a shoe? Hmm...oh yeah, nothing.

My mom was so close to buying these--she was at her computer with her credit card in hand--when a gust of insecurity blew this perfect purchase away. She started to panic that sometimes her feet don't fit properly into t-strap styles, that sometimes wide shoes aren't really all that wide, that she would slip her foot into these perfect cinderella heels and feel the familiar pinch of failure once again.

But don't we all remember that scene in Home Alone 2 where Macaulay Culkin is telling the homeless pigeon lady about the time he got these awesome rollerblades for Christmas, but he was so scared of getting them dirty or breaking them that he never took them out of the box, and when he finally did they were too small for him? You see? Macaulay taught us that we must take risks in life or we might miss out on the good things, like perfect NeoNaturalizer t-straps!

If you're feeling so inclined (which I hope you are), leave a comment of encouragement for my dear mother, and help me get her into the shoes she was meant for.


Kate said...

She NEEDS those shoes!! They are perfect. Mrs. DaddyLikey, listen to me, please. These shoes are gorgeous, fabulous, and delicious. What do you have to lose by trying them? If they don't fit, send them back. But if they do fit, you've gained amazing shoes. And we all know that good shoes can change your life.

Haute Girl said...

they are cute-get them!

brittany said...

As a girl that has wide feet myself, I have to say, when you find something that fits and looks cute, invest. I come across stuff so rarely, and believe me, I LOOK.
P.S. if any one who is similarly afflicted has any great places to find wide shoes that they want to share, let me know.

Carissa said...

Why pass up on the perfect pair of fashionable and functional shoes for only $75? If they don't fit perfectly she can just return them. Tell her to please buy them, they are beautiful and very versatile without being basic boring.

Alice said...
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Alice said...

Mom, buy those shoes! (take 2)

Maddy said...

Trust me. It's ALWAYS worth a try. Especially when it comes to shoes.

il tedesco said...

Good movie reference. Though, I would be more impressed if you could tell me why he is telling the Pigeon lady this.

millie said...

Oh Mama Norrie!

You simply MUST buy these shoes.

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