Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Oops, I got expensive.

I feel like, at least in my blogging life, I've been getting dangerously close to becoming one of those women whose taste in clothing is purely three- and four-digit decadent, one of those women who are the reason that Saks must institute a three-pairs-of-boots-per-person-per-month limit on a $1000 pair of leather Gucci's. There's nothing wrong with having luxurious taste (although no matter how cute the Gucci boots, maybe just go for two pairs and spend the extra $1000 on a vacation or ending world hunger or something?), but realizing that I can't afford anything I've posted on my own site in the past week or two was a sad blogging epiphany indeed. I already did a post on my warped sense of value, so hopefully that earns me some points, but allow me to turn to a trusted friend, the Nordstrom half-yearly sale, for my formal mea culpa, some fabulous under $30 finds:

Mblem, $17.90 (down from $60)

Nadri, $29.90 (down from $45.00)

Cosabella, $6.90, (down from $18.00)

Lulu, $15.90 (down from $24.00)

Ella Moss (for the warm weather girls), $28.90 (down from $98.00!)

Anne Klein, $21.90 (down from $75.00)

At Nordstrom stores or Nordstrom.com


ambika said...

Definitely a hard line to tread, the fantasy finds and the stuff you can actually afford. And I almost forgot about the Nordstrom sale. Must hide credit cards...

Chanel said...

Most of the stuff I post is over the top expensive as well, doesn't make me desire it any less...
But I'm a true sucker for a BARGAIN! Love your picks, BTW, ESPECIALLY that ELLA MOSS on sale!!!

Nicky said...

oh gosh, i have the same problem. i've already been to nordstrom 4 times in the past week and a half!

urban bloom said...

i hear you. i love a sale but when i went into takashimaya and wasn't shocked by the prices i began to think that something's happened to my sense of what's a reasonable price... and it's not good for my wallet.

great finds! (and great blog)

now i have to see what's hiding in my bag...

Coutorture said...

Awww it is a good thing I don't pay anywhere close to actual retail on my Gucci or I would be in the poor house!

As to the mea culpa I have but one response

Ego te absolvo, in nomine Prada, Fendi et Salvatore Ferragamo, amen


Fashion Kitty said...

I have problems- I saw that orange shirt and thought "wow , I need to order that" Turns out I already own it in green. Ooops

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