Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I'm sorry Stav. It's not me. It's you.

So if you haven't heard yet, a lovely Daddy Likey reader to whom I am forever indebted won the Lucky Shops giftbag, and that means I won one too! It's so weird that just over a week ago I was writing about how winning this bag would change your life (Stavros hasn't called yet but when he does I'm gonna let him down easy--I live a strict herpes-free life).

I'm not going to gloat on here too much (my close friends have to bear that load), because if another blogger spent like seven hundred flowery adjectives describing all of the things she'd won that I hadn't I would be tempted to send her a pipe bomb disguised as a Lucky Shops giftbag. And that's no fun. But thank you so much to Coutorture (Julie and Phil you da pimps) and Lucky magazine (although I stand by what I wrote about you, and I still believe you can change).


Karinaxoxo said...

congrats chic!!!

samida said...

WTG! When I read the e-mail that said the winner came from your site, I was so thrilled for you. Glad that it came from a site I read. Now, I have to go delete the post that I had written containing my acceptance speach if I had won.

Denial Renae said...

Congrats! Please tell us what all is in the bag! I really wanted it

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