Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ah, Sweet Expensive

I made it. I wasn't thrown into an airport holding tank. I didn't have to wear a straitjacket. I only screamed for my life and repented and tried to kill myself with the complimentary beverage cup a few times. Overall, it was a pretty good flying experience. And what made it all worth it, my reason for living, was making it back home to see my Lucky Shops giftbag that I won like four years ago and am only now getting to go through and gloat about properly (well, and seeing my family, I guess). I'm going to post a full list of everything that's in there after I announce the winner of the Daddy Likey 100th Post Contest Extravaganza (I am sending the finalist emails out to my panel of judges this weekend and the winner shall be crowned on Monday!). For today, since I'm still a little off from my plane ride, I'm just going to give you a brief, glowing review of one of the samples I received in my bag. This:

Yes, I was blessed enough to receive a free dime-size amount of Samy shampoo and conditioner. After spending about forty minutes and all of my family's hot water trying to open those damn plastic sample packages with wet hands in the shower (seriously, how annoying is that?), I washed and conditioned, reveling in the smell of free expensive (I would like to proclaim that from today forth in the United States and the world, "expensive" is a noun). I actually blow dried it today, for the first time in a long time, in the way that makes my hairdresser cringe whenever I describe it ("Well, normally I flip my hair forward and put the blowdryer on high til it burns.") and at the conclusion of this routine, I was transformed into Narcissus. My hair was so shiny and so soft that I literally couldn't stop looking in the mirror and flipping it back and forth and parting it in different ways and posing for imaginary hair product commercials. I walked around the house all afternoon swinging my hair in family members' faces and ordering them to "Feel it! FEEL IT!" And the few agreeable ones that did were all very impressed. Or maybe they just wanted me to get my hair out of their food. Either way, I'm a huge fan.


Moi said...

Oh my god, sounds like Samy shampoo and conditioner are exactly what I need! Are you hooked? Will you be buying the expensive?

Anonymous said...

i am a man and i dont need conditioner!

Alice said...

looks like I need to pick my ass up off the floor over at and review this wonder product.

I have a friend who works for a distributor. I wonder if she can get me some "cheap expensive"?

oh, and I'm done with my leg of the Damn Fool Relay - got my free time back, kinda :p

Coutorture said...

Hahaha, i love that "expensive." Like with my fancy oil stuff that I use on my hair I always say it smells like expensive woman. I actually find it to be quite descriptive.


ambika said...

Glad you got home safely. And expensive should definitely be a noun. I'll petition Webster now.

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