Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmasock, Lieutenant Dan!

Dearest Readers,

I am going to have to take a blogging break in order to finish Christmas shopping (pray for me) and to allow optimal time for eating Christmas cookies (pray for my waist), but I will be back on Tuesday and ready to blog like never before. Thanks again for reading, and I hope you all have a great holiday season and that none of you find yourselves unwrapping these:

Unless you want them, of course. I mean, maybe you celebrate a special holiday called Christmasock or something and it's a tradition and then, by all means, embrace the sock. Or maybe you're my dad and you just enjoy sensible gifts and wish your daughter would get you socks more often. Or maybe you're Lieutenant Dan from Forrest Gump and you always lecture your new troops about the importance of socks in Vietnam and come to think of it you're running low yourself and you'd love to receive some more so as not to appear hypocritical. Good god, the cookies are already going to my head. I better go.

Love times infinity,


Rachel said...

Lieutenant Dan didn't have any legs, but I bet if he unwrapped some socks with feet and calves in them he would be happy. Do you think he's the type that would accept women's feet if it was the only option? This is before he gets his metal feet at the end.

Anonymous said...

Lieutenant Dan used to have legs...and I think socks might have been important to him back during his bipedal years. Irony, I think, no?

Merry happy Chritmasock, Winona! I'm connecting using the free wifi at Fort Lauderdale International airport's terminal four. I love FLL. Free wifi. Miami sucks. Wifi costs more than a Starbucks grande caramel macchiato (though not more than a venti), and the bandwidth SUCKS!

Fly FLL - it will make you happy :)


(damn - can't find my password!)

Moi said...

Ha! Funny i actually asked for socks this Christmas (the cute knee-high ones though) :P

Alison said...

omg christmas shopping.. :( good luck.

alice-chan said...

my mom wears socks just like that with her birkenstocks.
thank you for the college info!! The USP sounds perfect!

Anonymous said...

You got new legs. New legs!

Yeah. I got new legs. Custom-made.
Titanium alloy. It's what they use
on the space shuttle.

Magic legs.


Carissa said...

I got socks for Christmas, and I love them. I love Christmasock. =]

Annie P. said...

i gave: 8cup french press w/ godiva coffee sampler.
i received: 3 pairs of socks.
happy christmasock!!

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