Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Maybe fun shoes will bury my boring

I had a really boring day today, and not the kind of boring where you eat toaster strudel in your jammies and watch a 12-hour marathon of Dog the Bounty Hunter and secretly enjoy it but tell everyone it was boring so they don't judge you. My day was that sharp, painful kind of boring--I had to study for a pacific history test, take a pacific history test, try to sell an 88' Volvo station wagon that no one wants to buy, vacuum...god I can't relive anymore.

I can't really be funny right now because I spent all day vacuuming my car and writing things like "Additionally, Germany's chancellor was interested in expanding his empire to compete with England's vast scope of power, and acquiring colonies in the Pacific would help to achieve that goal." Instead of trying to write something clever and funny, I went on Zappos.com and searched their couture collection for shoes that screamed FUN. They didn't even have to be attractive; my only requirement were that they were fun enough to bury the boring in a shallow grave in the back of my mind (I'm not going to write prices either, because that's no fun).

Marc by Marc Jacobs


Sergio Rossi


Sigerson Morrison

Kate Spade



Anonymous said...

ooh i want those gold boots for christmas. they're even better than my deer shoes. and yeah, i don't mean oh deer! shoes.

Moi said...

Woah holy gold explosion on the Sigerson Morrison ankle boots, haha!

ambika said...

Oooo, I would actually wear the Missonis. I love how subtly colorful they are.

Karinaxoxo said...

I need the Missoni and Kate Spade heel!!!! lol
Thats so awesome that you have been studying the pacific history - I loved learning about the pacific culture etc whilst I was in New Zealand.

alice-chan said...

lady bug shoes :):):)

samida said...

Etro makes the cutest and most interesting shoes. I use to have "inappropriate" dreams about a pair of their shoes that looked like they were made with newspaper. Loved them!

Carissa said...

The Kate Spade's are bella!

Eli said...

oh my, those sergio rossi shoes are immaculate.

Hypnotic Romance said...

Exciting shoes cure eveything!

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