Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas: 1863

What I got for Christmas, in the form of one of those Civil War-era letters you had to read in history class in fifth grade:

Dearest William,
After the cold, hard winter, this Christmas was as wonderful a blessing as the appearance of a plump hare in a barren meadow. We enjoyed a fine ham and the children played hopscotch and pick up sticks and other Civil War-era children's games that come up if you google "Civil War era children's games". I am happy to report the holiday saw great gains to my shoe collection, with the addition of two pairs of glorious footwear--some sturdy leather boots and red suede high heels. I suppose if we ever make that trip to Aunt Beatrice's manor the heels will be a necessity, but I wore them out to empty the chamberpots this evening and found them quite impractical indeed! I was thankful to receive some warm tights, gloves, and a lovely soft robe for the wintry months ahead--they should make bathing in a freezing bucket outside a bit more of a joy. A globe-trotting friend brought me a splendid sweater all the way from New York City! I must say that although I sometimes find myself a bit envious of her worldly ways, I know a woman's place is in the home. She may give good gifts but alas, she will never know the true gift of life on the homestead. The family showered me with some magnificent means of amusement, among them classics such as Spice World and She's All That. And finally, I now possess a wonderful volume called Write Away that was recommended to me months ago by a very wise scribe. If only I had received a quill and ink to write with, as my last drops of pigment are being used to write these words. The ink fails me now but my heart will never run dry, dear William...

p.s. Pictures and details to come when I'm not pretending to write in a century that had yet to master indoor plumbing, let alone digital cameras. Authenticity people, authenticity!


Flashy_Shades said...

Ha! Loved the format, happy holidays!

Alison said...

Lol awesome letter, hope you had an awesome xmas!

Jasmine A said...

LOL! That was creative of you

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