Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'm in Vogue (a little)!

It is so amazing and wonderful that French Vogue just did an article about fashion blogs and profiled some truly fabulous bloggers. We're hittin' the mainstream, ladies (and some gentlemen too)!

While Daddy Likey wasn't a chosen one, the incredible Emi at Letters to Marc Jacobs was (quite deservedly so), and she happened to mention in her interview that this is one of her very favorite fashion blogs, which means there is now a link to Daddy Likey on the French Vogue website. I've clicked on that link probably 800 times so far, smiling dreamily and relishing the possibility that some extremely chic French Vogue webmaster looked at my blog for at least a few seconds in order to create this glorious connection between us. Maybe he or she liked what she saw and now reads it regularly? Maybe I should send him or her a BFF necklace?

It was perfect timing too. I was having a bout of low blog esteem when Emi told me the news, and it has rekindled my fashion blogging flame. She totally deserves a BFF necklace more than the French Vogue webmaster, huh?

If you are a Daddy Likey reader who does not yet know the joys of Letters to Marc Jacobs, you simply must give it a try; you'll never go back. Well, actually, I hope you'll come back. Maybe just go to both. Everyday.


Carissa said...

Congratulations! That is fantastic.

Moi said...

Wow that's fantastic!! good job! Now I'm linked to you, so I hope I am a little weeny bit in Vogue too, haha!!

alice-chan said...

how could you ever have low blog esteem (lol)?! your blog is the best out there! no offense to everyone else but it is the funniest and most entertaining

Honeybee said...

How cool is that??!! Good for you! Sadly, British Vogue forgot to mention daddylikey in their piece about fashion blogs. Ts, ts, what were they thinking - yours is a top notch fashion blog!! Very in vogue!

yummy411 said...

low blog esteem.. love the term... i think we all suffer from it from time to time. but daddy likey? mamaa no likey that (sorry, had to say it) Congrats girl! Keep up the great work.. entertaining =)

Alice said...

Oh my god! That's really flipping exciting! I am très... jealous [in French].

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