Monday, December 18, 2006

Drum roll please...

The winner of the Daddy Likey 100th Post Contest Extravaganza is Annie P., with this entry:

The whole 'contents of my purse' topic reminds me of a game I play w/ my older sister, but we call it 'the mary poppins game' where we see who has the most random stuff in our bags. Being the packrat/artist/paranoid younger sister...I usually win...& my sister pretty much hates playing the game, but she humors me.

Anyway, the random object which won me victory in the last round of 'the mary poppins game' was a a large longchamp bag. No, it wasn't bloody (I swear).

Well played Annie, well played. You will be receiving either a very expensive looking leather-covered martini shaker, or, if you are underage or don't drink or just think that's a lame prize, an equally expensive looking bottle of Italian chocolate-scented shower oil from Aquolina.

I got so many great entries. Thank you so much to everyone who entered for sharing their crazy purse stories! I will definitely be having more contests in the near future because this one was so much fun.


yummy411 said...

cool! congrats Annie. Whenever my cell phone rings i say... gotta dig in my marry poppins purse, but no one seems to know what i mean... that's why i adore purses with cell phone pockets.

Annie P. said...

Wowsers! Not to sound cliche, but I never win these things! Thanks Winona!! I will be sure to put the martini shaker to good use.

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