Thursday, December 28, 2006

Midnight Snack at

Net-A-Porter's current sale means that for the first time in recent memory, some lovely designer fashion items are getting joyously near affordability, and though I probably still can't realistically buy anything from there, the prospect alone has me ecstatic.

This is how good it is: When you choose to shop in the "Under $200" category right now, you can browse two whole pages of day dresses, one whole page of jackets, and, well, a brief search indicates that that's about it. But really, if you've ever visited the site under normal circumstances, you'd know that a mouseclick to the "Under $200" category back then pretty much generated a sympathy screen with the text, "Hahahaha good one! Oh. Wait. You were serious? Shouldn't you be picking up your welfare check or something?"

Anyway, here are some of the glorious things that, thanks to the sale, have gone from laughably extravagant to only slightly and therefore painfully out of my price range:

Ah, one of the cutest dresses I've seen in a long while. Love the detailing, love the cut, love the subtle jacquard print. I have these awesome ice blue tights that I would wear with this and black leather ballet flats. Tres chic.
Tibi bib front dress, now $171.

Ah, another one of the cutest dresses I've seen in a long while (is that phrase losing its power yet?). As you should know if you've been reading this blog with any attention or regularity, I'm obsessed with all things mod, so I automatically love any and all babydoll dresses. The fact that the rose pattern is incredibly gorgeous is just a bonus really. Even if this dress were printed with, like, high resolution pictures of medium t-bones, I would still totally be yearning for it (and actually, so would my brothers). But it is rather nice the way it is, don't you think?
Marc by Marc "can do no wrong" Jacobs rose print velvet dress, now $196

This dress used to be $500, and now it's $198, which is still way too much for me to spend on a dress that I would inevitably end up wearing to some sort of red wine, barbecue sauce, mustard and grease potluck (don't pretend you don't get invited to those all the time) and soil it with samples of each. But it's still very pretty and if you live the sort of life where you can wear white without fear, then by all means, purchase it, wear it, photograph yourself wearing it, and send me the photo so I may pretend to be you.
Jill Stuart "Delilah" tulle dress

Alas, how I adore this garment. I've stared at this dress on my computer screen for so long that Hollywood should consider making a sequel to Breakfast at Tiffany's called Midnight Snack at starring me eating crackers alone in my computer room wearing a baggy college sweatshirt that would become iconic and later sell at auction to an anonymous buyer who may or may not be Victoria Beckham for $100,000 and god this is a terrible idea.
Tibi cotton print dress, now $119

And finally, the rare sighting of a designer jacket in the "Under $200" category:
So. Adorable. If I owned this, I would wear it over everything, even my iconic baggy college sweatshirt.
Milly lace box jacket, now $198

All at, or works too if you're averse to hyphens.


RachelP said...

Okay, I have a funny-and-more-than-slightly-embarrassing story that could serve as a warning for all potential velvet dress wearers. Though Marc Jacobs can do no wrong with velvet, I certainly can. Here's an abbreviated version: Me, junior high school prom, GORGEOUS velvet dress from Georgiou in downtown Portland, pre-prom (picture) party, cats, cat hair, best friend frantically trying to pick cat hair off my butt in the miniscule restroom of a cute Italian restaurant. Uh huh. Beware the velvet.

ambika said...

Ooo, cute stuff, especially that jacket. If only I could justify buying one of these items. Sigh.

Anna said...

I'm drooling over the first dress and green dress. So gorgoeus.

Eli said...

Except the girl who has money to buy these things when theyre expensive will snap all of these not so cheepy things up like nothing. NOT fair!

Maddy said...

I love the "iconic baggy sweatshirt" idea. Capitalize on it, I say.

Carissa said...

The Jil Stuart is beautiful; I wish I could wear white..

Moi said...

Yep, I totally share your sentiment. If I bought these (especially the Milly lace box jacket), I'd wear them everyday with everythig to get maximum use out of them. Alas, they are still out of my price range. *WHY*

dusk&summer said...

*sigh* why do we even bother? all of us spend hours staring longingly at stuff we just can't afford :( lol

Alice said...

"Hahahaha good one! Oh. Wait. You were serious? Shouldn't you be picking up your welfare check or something?"

Hee! You always make me laugh... even when I should be sleeping...

akimbo editors said...

jeeeez this is gorgeous!
envy is pouring from my eye balls!

bizen enterrement de vie de jeune fille Paris said...

c'est une très belle sélection.

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