Saturday, December 02, 2006

High Fashion Haiku

I'm in Hawaii
You'll hate me for saying this...
God I miss sweaters

In two weeks, I leave this perfect, warm, tropical weather for the cold, gray rain of Oregon, and I know it sounds crazy to all of you reading this from snow-covered bunkers or braving howling winds and blizzards, but I can't wait.

Look at this sweater! It's a blanket with arms and a waist tie! The perfect antidote to my massive tanktop overdose.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Envelope Sweater, $258, Nordstrom

p.s. Sorry I didn't post yesterday. We drove 250 miles roundtrip to see the hotel where Dog the Bounty Hunter got married. Yeah, long story.


Marina said...

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Marina (from France)

Nicky said...

did you see him? he has one amazing mullet! i don't think you're weird for wanting cooler weather, i wish for it all the time too:)

Anonymous said...

oh my god my mom and i LOVE that show!

and my dad thinks you're hilarious.


Chanel said...

"It's a blanket with arms and a waist tie!"

What a completely accurate description of that sweater! I like most anything that's warm and cozy.

ambika said...

Oh, I sympathize. There's something about warm & cosy cashmereor toasty wool that is so scrumptious in winter.

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