Thursday, January 18, 2007

Are you there God? It's me, Winona.

No, I don't want to talk about training bras and periods and the existential anguish brought about by puberty and junior high and your Jewish/Christian family moving from New York to a small town in New Jersey (attention: if you weren't a teenage girl in America between 1970 and now, and this post is already confusing the hell out of you, please go here and catch up). Today, I'd like to talk about something a little more possibly/probably blasphemous: how great it would be if this jacket miraculously went on sale.

Well, see, it's already on sale, but it's definitely not on miraculous sale. Down to $337 from $482--that's what I call a lame sale. What I'm asking for is a holy sale. Let's say...fifty bucks? Its beauty and craftmanship are worth so much more than that, I know, but I thought I'd start low so we could have some wiggle room here. Give me a call or spell out "I don't do sales" in the clouds if you wanna talk. I'm here.

Milly "Tilly" jacket,


Gabriella Tinelli said...

Hi Winona, il tuo blog è molto fashion mi piace, don't worry about your Italian, It's not so bad, you wrote Italian better than how I much write English. Anyway ti ringrazio per i complimenti che mi hai dedicato e per la visita, sei molto gentile e spero di rivederti presto sul mio blog.

Se non ti dispiace, metterò il tuo link sul blog

Ciao a presto Gabriella Tinelli

Rebecca said...

Hi! I got here via Ma Petite Chou and am enjoying your blog.

That is a great jacket, but I totally agree with you about the price. Hey, I just got back from Value Village where the sales are like 99cents. I do find stuff new with tags on it still.

My rule of thumb is that I like to spend about 10% of the original retail for something, so $50 is about right.

From the bottom of the fashion food chain ... =D

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