Monday, January 22, 2007

A Logical Explanation

This conditioner smells suspiciously good:

The scent evokes such a passionate and visceral reaction in me that I'm inclined to think it's more than just a pleasant Plumeria smell, that perhaps this was the conditioner used by the magical nanny who cared for me when I was a toddler and took me for rides on her friendly dragon sidekick before my parents grew jealous of our bond and banished her from my life, determined to keep her existence a secret for all eternity, but it wasn't in their clever little plan that one day I would discover this conditioner at a natural grocery store, and that every time I opened the bottle I'd be overcome with memories of nuzzling my cherubic face in her hair, giggling and grasping our dragon friend's shimmering scales as we soared over snowcapped mountains and lush, green valleys.

In fact, when I first flipped the cap open and cried, "Oh my god this smells so good!" and ran around the house sticking the bottle in people's faces and yelling "Smell it! Oh my god! Smell it! Isn't it the best thing you've ever smelled in your life??," my dad took a whiff and said, "No, not really."

If that's not proof, I don't know what is.

JASON Natural Sea Kelp & Plumeria Moisturizing Conditioner,,, and tons of other places (And really, don't listen to my dad, it smells incredible)


Anonymous said...

ROFLcopter! I know what you mean.


Alice said...

you shame me, madam! I have let languish horribly, while I was busy being distracted by these newfangled "moving pictures."

I shall buy a bottle of this fabulous conditioner this very day and take up my reviewing duties once again.

...especially since now I just HAVE to smell it - and see if it really does bust my gripe that organic body products are scent-deficient


Alice said...

p.s. - if you haven't seen it yet, you HAVE to see the movie Grey Gardens. you simply MUST! it was made by the Maysles brothers in something like 1979, and available on DVD from Amazon.

rockmara said...

Most JASON products are nice. Fashionable AND nontoxic.

Now how many things can we say that about?


This blog rocks so hard.

Anonymous said...

I have a dance of the decades coming up in a week and need an awesome 60's retro outfit to go with a cool Jackie Kennedy hairdo...any thoughts?

Alice said...

jason sea kelp shampoo and conditioner review up at now.

I dedicate this post to you, Winona ;-)

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